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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 38


Issue Number 38 -- Spring Quarter, 2000

Brands and Logos, and more!!!

FIRST; the Lambert Endowment for business books:

The Philip Lambert Memorial Endowment Fund was established by Dr. Joseph Lambert, in memory of his father. The endowment will purchase books and electronic media for our business curriculum. We will add resources in the core subjects of Accounting, Business Law, Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Statistics, and Strategic Management. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has been matching donations, .50 on the dollar. All donors making a gift to the Library are listed in on our benefactors web page: (

If you want to contribute to the Philip Lambert Memorial Endowment Fund, please contact Cheryl Meaux, Coordinator for Development, Cal Poly Pomona University Library, 3801 W. Temple Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768, telephone (909) 869-3086, or e-mail Thank You!!!

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Brands and Logos:

Brands and their Companies 2v. (Ref T233 .V4 A22)
Companies and their Brands 2v. (Ref T223 .V4 A222)
Coca Cola is a company, and a brand name; Betty Crocker is a brand name (the company is General Mills). Often you have to match brand and company. With these sets of references you can go from brand to company or learn the brands for a given company. The brand listing includes the product, important because different products can have the same brand name. The Companies listings include address and phone numbers.

The Encyclopedia of Consumer brands (Ref HF5415.3 .E527) is in three volumes: "Consumable Products," "Personal Products." and "Durable Goods." The discussion of the brands, such as Jello, Bayer, Magnavox, and so on includes a detailed history of the product. The discussion typically includes the brand's origins, development or market strategy, advertising campaigns, and product changes. And, of course, there are pictures reproducing the brands and logos. Each brand's description concludes with a list of further readings. There are indexes by brand names, companies and persons, advertising agencies, and brand categories. The third volume indexes the entire set.

Logos of America's Largest Corporations (Ref T325 .L63) presents the logos of some 900 American companies. The logos are large, in color, and there is an index of the companies in the back.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks. (T223 .V13 Periodicals, second floor) weekly has the trademarks granted and those published for opposition. Published for Opposition includes a reproduction of the logo or design. The date in the Trademark Register (below) is the date granted. That listing in the Official Gazette includes the date the mark was published for opposition, which is the date for the picture. The print Official Gazette stopped at 9/16/97. It is now on the Internet at:

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (T12 .T6 Table #5)
Look for "The American Trademark Index," yellow pages in the last volume. This large listing is important because it includes trademarks that are not registered.

The Trademark Design Register (Ref T223 .V1 T817) is the largest single source for pictures of trademark designs, symbols, and logos registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The listings include trademarks back to 1899 if they are still currently registered. The logos are reproduced without identification so you don't know which company they are for unless the design includes the name. There is, however, a large index of the trademarks in the front as well as an index of companies or owners in the back. The designs and logos are listed by their registration number.

The Trademark Register of the United Stated (Ref T223 .V4 A27) lists currently registered trademarks, just the registration not the logos or designs. The listings are in two sections: "Prior U.S. Classification" and "International Classification." A subject index "International and U.S. Classification" leads to the class numbers in each classification. The entries give the registration date and number. The date is for the issue of the Official Gazette - Trademarks that announced the trademark was granted.

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And More:

New pages of interest in Internet Reference Sites

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business page includes sites for family and for minority business. This is a good page to go for advice and help on the Internet if you are starting a new business. And there is also a site for sample business plans.

Plagerism The Internet has many uses, for example, you can use it to plagiarize and you can use it to detect plagiarism! Our new "Plagiarism Page" presents sites, most are fee-based, that catch plagiarists. For a first stop I suggest: Plagiarism and Anti-Plagiarism because it offers strategies and advice for using ordinary Internet search engines to detect plagiarism; and these resources are all free.

Internet Reference Sites are on the Library's Home Page and at:

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New letterhead (speaking of brands and logos):

The editorial staffs of Inform thank Cheryl Meaux for making the design and printing of our new letterhead possible.

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NEXT ISSUE: More Library computer workstations, and more!!!

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