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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 39

Summer Quarter, 2000

More computer workstations, and more!!!


More computer workstations:

The University Library has added 26 new computer workstations for accessing our catalog and databases. These are located immediately behind the Reference Desk, first floor, so that students will have ready access to the help of Reference Librarians. The array of computers has one high-speed printer. Printing requires an IKON copying card, available at a vending machine close by.

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And More:

New pages of interest in Internet Reference Sites

We now have separate pages for Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks. The Copyrights page includes the official site of the US Copyright office of the Library of Congress. This site provides general information on copyright basics, registration procedures, application forms, and FAQs about copyrighting. Here you can also request government documents in the public domain through the Freedom of Information Act Requests link. Other sites include the American Library Association and a site devoted to international copyright and general intellectual property issues.

The Patents page has the site of the US Patent and Trademark Office or the Department of Commerce. Here there is a database of the full text content of US patents from 1976 to the present. The USPTO site also provides general information on patents and trademarks, the patent process, forms, fees, and more including a listing of patent attorneys. You can also order patents at $3.00 a copy. The Patents page also includes sites for intellectual property and a patent-searching tutorial from the University of Texas.

The Trademarks page has a link to the trademarks section of the US Patent and Trademark Office. In addition to searching the US Trademark Database you may also obtain trademark forms online, information about registration fees, and view FAQs. In addition the links to "Legal Resources" include laws, treaties, trademark information from the Official Gazette, and other links for researching and obtaining a trademark. The Trademarks page includes a link to the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers site, where you do a brand name search. The Thomas Register has an extensive listing of trademarks, which is helpful in determining if a brand name is in use. We also refer you to issue 38, which included an extensive listing of our paper directories of "Brands and Logos."

And we have reorganized the pages for California.

We have a new link to California on the top row of subject links on the Internet Reference Sites Home Page. This will bring up a page with a general "California Home Page" site that includes history and Culture, and a listing of links to separate California Subject Pages. There are pages of links for business, law, demographics, economic indicators, California History, the environment, statistics and more including a page for the Los Angeles Region.

A Time and Calendars page for your convenience

The Time and Calendars page has links to the current time, calendars from all cultures as well as a site "A Walk Through Time" from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology giving a history of time and calendars.

And Converting: Weights, Measures, and etc.

This site including various links to converting tables for weights, measures, lengths, and the rest. There are also links to calculators.

Internet Reference Sites are on the Library's Home Page and at:

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A reminder: a database for Hospitality Management.

We receive the Lodging, Restaurant, and Tourism Index on CD-ROM, an index produced at Purdue University that covers 65 strictly hospitality periodicals from 1985 onward. Please note that this database is available only in the University Library. It is listed under databases on the Library home page. Use at a separate workstation to the right side (left side as you face) of the Reference Desk, first floor. The Lodging, Restaurant, and Tourism Index includes abstracts, not full text. We recently mounted this database on the computer's hard drive and so it works very quickly now.

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A new source for Industry:

The Handbook of North American Industry (Ref HF 1746 H36 1999 Table #2) covers the major industries of the US, Canada, and Mexico. The Handbook begins with discussions of the "North American Economy" with a "Facts and Figures" section that includes maps, industry rankings, and data on the NAFTA countries. The source is organized by industry and within each its scope within the three countries is detailed. There is a text discussion of the industry followed by numerical data such as value of shipments, production and employment. There is also a discussion on the NAICS classification for the industry. Appendices include an overview of the structure of the NAICS classification system, a brief explanation of the governmental structures of Canada, Mexico, and the US, and a description of the Maquiladora-9802 Program, a forerunner to NAFTA.

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