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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 42

Spring Quarter, 2001

E-Books at your desktop, and more!!!


E-Books at your desktop:

And it will come as no surprise in our digital age that the publishers of books are distributing a growing number of their titles electronically now. Therefore the University Library has also been working to make electronic books, or "E-Books," conveniently available to Cal Poly Pomona faculty, students, and staff. There are not as many e-book databases as there are e-journal databases. Not yet anyway.

The first thing to know about e-books is that if you search the University Library Catalog for any particular book title, the Catalog will automatically present the Internet link when the Library has the book in electronic form.

We are currently subscribing to two vendors that provide the Library with e-books. There are Books 24X7, currently 800 titles, and Net Library, currently 1,500 titles. We have directly linked both services from our Databases page so that you can search for e-books only. Both vendors allow you to search e-books by author, title, or subjects.

Our page at: will give you much more detailed instructions on searching for and "checking out" our electronic books.

The University Library Internet Reference Site also has a page of links for Electronic Books. Look for E-Books on the Site map Index or go directly to the URL:

Though commercial e-book sources are just in their infancy, the Internet from the beginning has offered public domain books online. There are a number of these databases on The E-Book page including the well-known "Project Gutenberg" that allows the text to be printed. You can therefore print out your own library of the classics.

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And More:

Business Plans collected:

The full text of "real life" business plans are collected in: Business Plans Handbook: A Compilation of Actual Business Plans Developed by Small Businesses Throughout North America (Ref HD62.7 .B865 Table #2). This source is published annually and as of this date we have received two years. The Business Plans Handbook lists the plans alphabetically by the type of company. A "Cumulative Index" lists the plans contained in all volumes. The Appendix includes a directory of agencies and consultants by state.

Find other titles that contain sample business plans by entering "business plan" or "business plans" in the keyword option of the Library Catalog. There is also an Internet site that has sample business plans:

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Food Science and Technology

Food Science Abstracts (FSTA) is now on the same stand-alone terminal as Science Citation Index, University Library first floor. Food Science Abstracts, along with Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews (on the Database page), cover the domain of the food industry. Food Science Abstracts covers 1,800 publications in 40 languages from 1990 on. Subjects include packaging and engineering. Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews indexes over 1,100 publications from 50 languages. Subjects include food policy and legislation as well as the socioeconomic aspects and ethnic influences on diet.

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Time Series on the Internet:

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Companies' histories; a reminder:

Issue number 13 (1994) featured the International Directory of Company Histories (Ref HD 2721 I63 Table #3) when is had six volumes. Currently the Directory comprises 37 volumes, and is still growing for a total of over 4,850 companies worldwide. This is publicly held, private, and non-profit enterprises. Companies are included that have $50 million or more in annual sales and are leading influences in their industries or regions. The most recent volume indexes the entire set by companies, industries, and location.

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