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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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Inform on World Wide Web:

No. 43

Summer Quarter, 2001

General Reference on the Internet, and more!!!


General Reference on the Internet:

Though the University Library's Internet Reference site is to support the Cal Poly Pomona curriculum the "General Reference" page contains a collection of comprehensive, general interest Internet sites. This page offers "one stop" shopping for all cyberspace: Some examples of these general interest sites are (there are others):

About; the Human Internet
About is a large site that includes subjects ranging from business to sports to homework. The pages have annotated sites and the person responsible for the page is pictured.

Argus Clearinghouse
Librarians employ strict criteria for accepting or rejecting sites for the Argus Clearinghouse. The sites are organized by broad categories.

How Stuff Works
Have you ever wondered how cell phones, building implosion, photonic masks, car engines, refrigerators, night vision, and much more works?

Internet Public Library (IPL) or
From the School of Information (ie. Library Science) of the University of Michigan, the IPL presents the Internet under the range of services traditional in a public library.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
This large, comprehensive site began as the Berkeley Public Library Index to the Internet. It is organized by broad subject categories and has a search engine.

Scout Report Archives
From the University of Wisconsin; search the Internet by entering terms, or by Library of Congress subject headings, or by broad category.

The WWW Virtual Library (WWW VL)
The WWW VL was established by the people at CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics) who also started the World Wide Web WWW.

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And More:

New Books for the E-Business Option:

The University Library has been acquiring books in support for the College of Business Administration's new E-Business Option. To this point we have added over 150 new e-business titles, and counting. Enter the Subject: electronic commerce in the online catalog, Library Home page:
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A new Moody's manual:

Well, actually, this is a new Mergent manual since Moody changed its name to Mergent. The Mergent Company Archives Manual (Ref HG4028.M4 M43 Table #2) contains the "final statistical record" for some 2,700 companies that have "merged, were acquired, went bankrupt, or otherwise disappeared" since 1996. The description includes the last income statements and balance sheets for the entity as a public company. The "History" section includes the details of the changes that placed the company here.
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An encyclopedia about "emerging" economies:

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Why Literature?

Students at Cal Poly Pomona, no matter what their major, study the Social Sciences and Humanities as part of their curriculum. This includes the study of literature. In our age of "Assessment" and "Accountability" the question might arise of the "cost effectiveness" of requiring business or engineering students to spend their hours reading Shakespeare or Murasaki or Sherwood Anderson. For a valuable restatement of the reasons for reading novels (or poetry or literary essays) see: "Why Literature" by Mario Vargas Llosa in the May 14, 2001 issue of The New Republic (AP 2 N624 Second Floor and Internet). Indeed, we can wonder why we waste so much time on other things. An excerpt:
A person who does not read, or reads little, or reads only trash, is a person with an impediment: he can speak much but he will say little; because his vocabulary is deficient in the means for self-expression. This is not only a verbal limitation. It represents also a limitation in intellect and in imagination. It is a poverty of thought for the simple reason that ideas, the concepts through which we grasp the secrets of our condition, do not exist apart from words.
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