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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
909-869-4352; E-mail

Inform on World Wide Web:

No. 44

Fall Quarter, 2001

A new, large-capacity Library classroom, and more!!!


But First; this newsletter now goes to Alumni:

Beginning with this issue alumni of the College of Business Administration and the Collins School of Hospitality Management will receive Inform. To quote from Issue Number 1, Inform is:
“…a quarterly newsletter, in the tradition and style of Kiplinger or Janeway, which will report on Cal Poly library resources. Follow this reporter and you will not only learn the full range of library services, you will keep current on significant new acquisitions.”
See the Internet site above for back issues of Inform. Please feel free to contact our editorial staff at (909) 869-4352 or for questions about alumni access to Library resources.
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A new, large-capacity Library classroom:

If you have 40, 50, 60 or more students in your classes, the University Library now has a classroom that can accommodate the entire class for instruction in research strategies. The room is state of the art with two screens to project computer images and 30 computer workstations for “hands-on” student interaction teaching and learning.
To schedule your large class for a lesson on how to use the Library either phone x3076 or send an e-mail request through the Library’s home page. On the home page select Services, then scroll down for Reference Instruction. This will display a link for the Library Instruction Request Form.
I am also available to do the Library Instruction in your classroom if you have access to the Internet. In some classrooms you will have to arrange with your department’s technical staff for Internet access ahead of time.
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And More:

Check out Computers for use in the University Library:

Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, and staff can check out one of 15 laptops available for use in the library at our data jacks on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors and in the study rooms. Check out the laptops for three-hour periods. These are Dell Latitude C600 Pentium III 700MHz computers running Windows 2000 with 128MB of RAM, 6GB hard drive and include removable floppy disk, CD-ROM and 250MB Zip drives. Not only will you have access to the Internet is via Netscape or IE, you will also use Word, Excel, and other application software loaded on each laptop.
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When you submit articles for publication; to help you select journals see:

Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Accounting Ref HJ9733 C22
Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Economics and Finance (2v.) Ref HG152 C22
Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management (4v.) Ref HD30 .C23
Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Marketing Ref HF5415.2 .C23

Included in the information these directories give about magazines and journals is the type of review (blind review, editorial review), the number of external reviews and/or in-house reviewers, and the submitted articles' acceptance rate.

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New pages on Internet Reference (from library Home Page):

Energy and Fuels, by Ann Morgan, our Engineering Librarian, includes links for the campus power shortage, links for saving energy, alternative energy sources, and California and US energy offices.

Electronic Business (E-Business) is a growing listing of links that includes a site for business law that has “Electronic Commerce,” one for Internet law, another for “Netiquette” (business etiquette on the Internet), and others. As with all pages we welcome your suggestions for sites to add.

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Amazon.Com and Barnes & Noble support our Library when you buy books online:

When you use or Barnes & Noble on the Internet, the Library can receive a contribution from these companies. From the Library's Home Page. Go to:
Giving Opportunities; then select Buy Books to Benefit the Library. You will see the and Barnes & Noble icons. There will be no extra charge to you for the books when you order online from the Libraries Home Page.
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For Alumni:

You have unrestricted access to the Library’s Internet Reference site. Go to: The Internet Reference site is the Library’s version of Yahoo. The difference is that these are Internet sites our Librarians selected to support specifically the Cal Poly Pomona curriculum. The site had some 200 pages of sites organized by subject. Moreover, through its “General Reference” link, Internet Reference includes a comprehensive listing of Internet sites for your general interests.
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NEXT ISSUE: Moody’s Industrials (now Mergent) online, and more!!!
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