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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 45

Winter Quarter, 2002

Moody's Industrials (now Mergent) online, and more!!!


Moody’s Industrials (now Mergent) online:

Our old friend Moody’s Industrials, and the other manuals - Bank and Finance, International, OTC, Public Utility, Transportation and the rest - are now available at your desktop.  The electronic Moody’s - the company is now called Mergent - is FISOnline (Financial Information Services Online). FISOnline brings financial data on over 10,000 companies listed on the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ exchanges.  Information includes company histories, products, current news, and income statement and balance sheets (including EDGAR® (SEC) filings).  Data for each company is back 12 years; and will eventually be back to 20 years.  FISOnline includes FIS Company Archives of over 4,000 companies that were acquired, went bankrupt or merged out of existence since 1994.  Use the “Advanced Search” option to sort companies by factors including industry code, location, number of employees, financial range, and, or ratios.  Link to FISOnline under “Databases” on the University Library’s Home page.  For the time being we will continue to receive Mergent Manuals in paper.  We hold a back file of the Moody’s manuals starting in 1959 (.HG 4961 M…, Fourth floor).
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And: A new business database organized around companies and Industries: Business Resources is the most recent business resource added to the Library’s “Database” page.  This resource offers data and descriptions of US and international companies and US and global industries.  In addition there are rankings, market share tables, trade and professional associations, and statistical analyses.  You can search for lists and descriptions of companies four ways: by company name, by brand or Harmonized Code (tariff classification system), by geographical location, or through a number of fields simultaneously.  A company record will include mailing address, phone numbers, Internet address, officers, number of employees, revenue, and stock exchange if public.  There will be a description, of varying length, of the company’s products or services.  The industry designation in the company record, by SIC or NAICS code, is a link that will lead to other companies in that industry.  The option for “Search by Industry” includes radio buttons to designate companies in industry, rankings, associations, market share, essays (descriptions of the industry), or statistics.  An “Expert Search” option allows you to match and sort companies, or brands, and industries and geographical locations through Boolean searching commands.  You can even ask for companies that have an e-mail address.  The “Help” link is especially useful for this searching option.
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And More:

askNOW!: ask Reference Questions online and receive answers in “Real Time”!

On January 22, 2002 the University Library will start an important new reference service, a part of the future of libraries.  Select the askNOW! logo on the Library’s home page.  Then type your questions and begin a dialogue with a Reference Librarian.  The Librarian will reply with typed responses and Internet pages presenting library catalogs or databases or public domain Internet sites.  askNOW! will be available during Winter Quarter 4:00 to 6:00PM Mondays - Thursdays.
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Include a link to the Library home page on your Internet sites:

When you build Internet sites to support class curriculum we suggest you include a link to the University Library’s home page.  We suggest: for our catalog, databases, and Internet reference.
And: to contact a Reference Librarian directly, Librarians are listed by academic discipline.
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A new compilation of United States statistics historically:

You are familiar with the yearly Statistical Abstract Of The United States (HA 202 and Internet at: ), which the library has in paper back to 1916.  Data from these and earlier sources have been gathered in the two volume Historical statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970,-1,,E/browse(Ref HA 202 B87).  Now we have a title that brings historical statistics up to date: Datapedia of the United State, 1790 – 2005, America Year by Year (Ref HA 202 K87 Reference Desk).  The Datapedia is organized by broad topics such as “Population,” “Vital Statistics and Health,” and “Government.”  Of special interest to business students and faculty are sections such as “Distribution and Services,” “Business Enterprise,” and “Financial Markets and Institutions.”  Learn the volume of advertising yearly since 1935 (p. 398), imports and exports yearly since 1790 (p. 411 – 415), or business formations and failure rates since 1857 (p. 435 – 436).  See the contents or index for more.
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California Labor Law for employers:

The California Labor Law Digest 2v. (Ref KFC 556 A45 D53) offers through coverage of topics dealing with employment law.  The text is organized into 31 chapters that lead directly to important topics; browse the table of contents for “Requirements by Employer Size,” “Wager and Hours,” “Overtime,” and other basic matters.  There is also coverage of “Alternative Workweek Scheduling,” “Immigration Reform and Control Act,” “Violence in the Workplace,” and “Sexual Harassment” and other issues that might arise in employment.  Each chapter can include samples of applicable legal forms as well as lists of references and sources for further information.  There is an overall index.  This is a complete resource for employers published by the California Chamber of Commerce.
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A reminder to e-mail Inform your questions:

If you have any questions, or want to suggest a business or hospitality subject be covered by Inform, please send us an e-mail and we will answer in our following issue.
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