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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 46

Spring Quarter, 2002

Los Angeles resources again; now online, and more!!!


Los Angeles resources again; now online:

We listed some key Los Angeles information resources in paper in Inform Number 10 (Spring, 1993).  For those of you that might have misplaced that issue we included some lively quotes about our area:

“Los Angeles the Damned”, “that sink of imbecility”, …,
     H.L. Mencken, among other remarks in various writings.

“Los Angeles represents the ultimate segregation of the unfit.”
     Bertrand Russell, as quoted by Carey McWilliams, Southern California Country.

For links to the following resources, and more, go to the Los Angeles Region page, Internet Reference:  (

City of Los Angeles; the Official Site of LA City Government (
Besides City government and services, this site has  links to other important LA sites such as the Coliseum, Zoo, and Convention Center.

Los Angeles Municipal Code (
This site has the Los Angeles City laws including the Administrative CodeMuniciple Code, Election Code, and the City Charter.

Los Angeles County Online (
This site includes information on tax bills, contract bids, job opportunities, birth and death records, government, committees, county services, and more.

Los Angeles County Code (
The Los Angeles County ordinances (laws) are organized by Title, with a search engine.

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (
Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties.

Los Angeles Culture Net (
A guide to cultural events and sites in Los Angeles.

Los  (
Another guide with dining, recreation, government, shopping, visiting, and more.

“It struck me as an odd thing that here, alone of all the cities in America, there was no plausible answer to the question, ‘Why did a town spring up here and why has it grown so big?’.”
      Morris Markey, 1938, quoted in Southern California Country.
This question might be answered by:
“In the afternoon they came unto a land
In which it seemed always afternoon”
     Tennyson “Lotos Eaters”
Carey McWilliams, Southern California Country, an Island on the Land  (1946) is available in the University Library (F867 .M25 Special Collections, Third floor).  This remains an excellent book to begin a study of our region.
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And More:

Food in the courts of law:

Habeas Codfish; Reflections on Food and the Law (KF 3875.A7 L48 2001), by lawyer Barry M. Levenson (also a gourmet cook who collects mustard), is both a fun and a serious work.  And while it is fun to read about how matters concerning food ended up in law courts, Habeas Codfish will also reinforce what Hospitality Management professionals learned in their business law classes.  Are you automatically negligent if there is a banana peel on your floor?  Is a sandwich legally a meal (tax implications)?  Why is it harder these days to order a rare (as opposed to well-done) hamburger?  What can you say about a rival in advertising?  And much about food torts, here that means court cases on liability for faulty or tainted servings of food.  The sections on intellectual property teach a lot about trade name, copyright, or image infringements (“Do you see the differences or the similarities?” What is the protection for “trade-dress”? Can you copyright recipes?).  Can you be sued for writing an unfavorable restaurant review?  And more.  Read many a tale about old and familiar companies.  There are bibliographies for each chapter.  Full citations for the large number of court cases discussed are in a separate listing at the end.
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Distance learning; online instruction, etc.; books instruct on virtual classrooms:

(There might be some irony here.)  The Library holds a large, current, and growing selection of books that instruct how to teach with your computer over the Internet.  Enter the Library of Congress subject headings (online catalog, Subject field); as of 4/xx/02:
internet in education  42 titles.
distance education  22 titles.
computer assisted instruction is an older subject heading that brings over 200 titles, 29 of which were published after 1998.
In the keyword field online and instruction bring 20 titles.
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