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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 47

Summer Quarter, 2002

California economic and labor statistics online, and more!!!


But first: easier remote access now to Library databases, e-books, and journals:

You can access the University Library’s subscription databases, electronic books, and electronic journals from off campus by registering for a library PIN number (see or top of “Databases” page, Library home page).  In the past you have also had to configure your browser settings, that is, enter a URL into either the MS Internet Explorer or Netscape proxy settings.  Now, except for a few databases as noted on the Databases page, you no longer have to configure your Internet browser to access Library databases, e-books, or e-journals from off campus.
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And Electronic Reserve (E-Reserve) supports WebCT:

You can place reserve documents online through the Electronic Reserve Service of the University Library.  If your documents are not in digital form our staff will scan your course related materials and place it on E-Reserve.  Moreover, now you can link to electronic reserve documents from your WebCT classes.  For instructions please see: (
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California economic and labor statistics online:

California government agencies publish statistical data on the Internet, some titles we have been familiar with in paper form:
California Economic Indicators  (Ref HC 107.C2 C223a Table #3)  (
The bi-monthly statistics include employment, housing, and the economy.
Economic Report of the Governor  (Ref HC107.C2 A2115 Table #3)
This resource has data for population, employment by major industry including agriculture, salaries, and construction activity. There is a consumer price index for major California urban areas yearly from 1970 as well as California travel spending.
Taxable Sales in California (Ref HJ 11 C27 Table #3)
From the California State Board of Equalization, this gives sales totals by type of business quarterly by city, county, and statewide back five years online.

Employment Development Department, Labor Market Information: (  The “Wages and Salaries” link leads to “Wages by Area” and “Wages by Occupation”.  The “Unemployment Rates” choice brings very detailed data, for example, by county, by race, and some data goes back to 1940.  “Data by Industry” leads to employment and hours and earnings by industry.

There are detailed data on California’s foreign trade:
US International Trade Administration (ITA)
State Export Markets Ranked California  (
This table is from a site that has exports for all states: State Exports to Countries and Regions (  The site gives value ranked by country for four years with percentage change for latest year and for entire range of years. Export Statistics Express
Another ITA site, see a world map for a state's exports, color-coded for value of totals.  You can also ask for exports to a country by all states or a particular state’s exports to a country by broad product category.

California Department of Finance
California Trade Data
From data provided by the US ITA see California imports and exports for entire state (from 1972) or for customs district (from 1992).  Customs districts are Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

These as well as other valuable links are included on the Internet Reference site, from the University Library’s Home page.  See the “California Business, Industry, and Trade” page: (
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And More:

E-Business; E-Commerce Statistics online:

E-Stats; Measuring the Electronic Economy, online from the U.S. Census Bureau at (, has statistics and full-text reports on E-commerce.  Statistics include value and E-commerce percent of shipments by industry.  Currently E-Stats covers the E-commerce of about 70 percent of U.S. industry.
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A Favorite General Reference Internet site (both Cal Poly Pomona and “civilian” subjects):

Internet Public Library (IPL) (
The School of Information (Library Science!) of the University of Michigan organizes the IPL, which recently incorporated another favorite site, the Argus Clearinghouse.  I like the IPL because they take care in selecting and describing the Internet sites they list.
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