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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 49

Winter Quarter, 2003

Just what is SFX, and more!!!


First: we here at Inform, and in the CSU, are not afraid of Emma Goldman, who said:

“In the face of this approaching disaster, it behooves men and women not yet overcome by war madness to raise their voice of protest, to call the attention of the people to the crime and outrage which are about to be perpetrated on them.”

“We shall soon be obliged to meet in cellars, or in darkened rooms with closed doors, and speak in whispers lest our next-door neighbors should hear that free-born citizens dare not speak in the open.”

See:  “Unfounded Censoring of Letters Threatens a Bastion of Dissent.” LA Times 1/15/03, B1; “Famed Anarchist’s Words Fuel Berkeley Flap.” LA Times 1/15/03, B7.

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Just what is SFX?

When you have used the database ABI/Inform, and some non-business databases such as Agricola or Sociological Abstracts, you have seen a button, and link, with the graphic SFX. The most important feature of SFX is that it provides a direct link from the database citation to the full text of the article if we have full text in another database (note that it might already be full text in the displayed database).  The SFX link will also send you to the Library Catalog to determine if we subscribe to the cited journal, which might be available full text through our subscription. And SFX also links to Document Delivery so that you can order copies of articles for journals not available through any of the Library’s resources.  For more explanation of SFX go to:
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And More:

The Philip Lambert Memorial Endowment for Library business resources:

In 1999 (see Inform #38), Dr. Joseph Lambert pledged $6,000 to establish a gift in memory of his father.  The Philip Lambert Memorial Endowment supports the purchase of business-related Library materials in all formats.  Gifts and contributions from friends, family, and others have placed the endowment at over $19,200.  Our primary goal of $20,000 will provide some $1000 yearly to support the university’s business curriculum.  To make a contribution to this, or another Library fund, please contact Cheryl Meaux by phone x3086, or email at, or visit our website at: and click on “giving”. Thank You!

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Library Research Workshops for Students (and Faculty are welcome):

Please tell your students about our E-Z Research Workshops on online databases. Sessions include a Monday night and on a Saturday afternoon. The Workshops will be held on Fridays, from 1-2:30 on January 17, January 31, and March 7, Saturday from 11-12:30 on February 1, and Monday from 6-7:30 p.m. on February 3, Room 114 and Room 227A in the library.  Register at Room 104, First floor or call x3076.  We suggest you consider offering students extra credit for attending these valuable sessions.
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Electronic copies of Masters Theses and Projects in the Library:

A graduate student completing a thesis or project using Microsoft Word, may, in addition to submitting the required printed copies, elect to provide the library with a copy of the work on a CD-ROM or floppy disk. The library will convert the MS Word file into an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that will be accessible on the Internet through the library catalog.  Theses and projects in electronic version will have the following notation on the record screen in the library catalog: View this publication’s electronic version.
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Public Companies Database name change; FISOnline to MergentOnline:

Several years ago our old friend Moody’s changed their name to Mergent and one year ago we presented the online version  FISOnline (Inform #45).  Now, and conveniently, this database is called Mergent OnlineMergent Online covers some 11,000 U.S. public companies and their SEC filings.  Other features include PDF files of annual reports, data on 17,000 foreign companies, archives on 4,000 defunct public companies, and much more.  Bring it all to your desktop via the Mergent Online link on our Databases page.

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A Directory for the Telecommunications Industry:

The Telecommunications Directory 13th ed. (Ref TK 5102.5 T3965) describes itself as “A Guide to Organizations, Systems, and Services Concerned with the Interactive Electronic Transmission of Voice, Image, and Data.”  There are two volumes; V.1 covers North America (the USA and Canada) and V.2, “International,” includes Mexico.  The descriptive listings of companies and organizations are alphabetical by country.  Listings include details of products, functions or services.  There are several detailed indexes: “Function/Service,” “Geographic,” “Personal Name,” and “Master and Keyword.”  A Glossary provides detailed definitions for industry terms.  The International volume is organized by areas or the world, then by country, with similar indexing overall.

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E-Commerce; Electronic Business Internet sites on Internet Reference:

Be sure to visit our “Electronic Business and Marketing” page on our Internet Reference site.  We have added new and substantial sites to this page.

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And would you like to receive Inform electronically?

We are considering delivering Inform electronically.  Please let us know if you would rather receive our newsletter as an e-mail attachment.  Thank you.

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