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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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No. 50

Spring Quarter, 2003

Some other databases of interest to business, and more!!!

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Some other databases of interest to business:

We keep our readers current on the basic business subject databases as we add them, as we did recently for Factiva in 48 (Fall, 2002) and for MergentOnline in 45 (Winter, 2002).  We would again like to bring your attention to some of our databases for other disciplines that can be useful for business literature searches.  And as you find in the business subject databases these often bring the full text of the articles they index to your desktop.

Academic Search Elite: This is a good general interest database, providing subject coverage similar to the Wilson Web.  One search statement surveys the social sciences, humanities, general science, education, and  some 250 business journals.  There is full text, for over 1,530 journals and, in total, indexing and abstracts for some 2,720. Some titles go as far back as 1990.  Over 1,700 of the titles in Academic Search Elite are peer reviewed and you can restrict your searches to these.  Consider using Academic Search Elite for business subjects that might also be discussed in the other social sciences such as ethics, etiquette, or intercultural relations.

Associations Unlimited: This is the online counterpart to the well-known Encyclopedia of Associations (Ref  AS 22 E5 Reference Desk).  Associations Unlimited contains information for approximately 460,000 international and US national, regional, state, and local associations in all fields.  You can search to determine the status under the US IRS regulations 501(c) for nonprofit organizations (are contributions to the association tax deductible?).  Associations can be useful sources for industry information because they often publish journals and reports and the larger ones might have their own library. A good searching strategy is to enter a broad subject term such as marketing and match it with more specific keywords, for example, clothing, women, or europe.

Online Guide to Computing Literature:  This is a bibliographic database that contains more than a quarter-million citations to core works in computing. The entries are of all types (journals, proceedings, books, technical reports, theses, among others).  Note then that as a bibliographic database only the Online Guide to Computing Literature does not usually present the full-text of the documents it indexes.  Use it in conjunction with the Library catalog and our WebQuest Document Delivery service (  The searching interface is very clunky.  Enter Boolean operators in caps, for example AND.

Rand California:  This database is from the well-known Santa Monica think tank.  The main portion is California Statistics, a collection of statistics on California and its cities and counties. The Online Library feature provides links to research reports mounted on Internet sites, most from the California state government.  From California Statistics find a subdivision of links to statistics under headings “Business and Economics,” “Population and Demographics”, and so on. Follow the links and a series of pull down menus that allow you to match data with a locality.  The statistics include some projections.

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Psychology and Sociology databases

Psychologists and Sociologists often do research that is valuable for business decision makers.  Examples are the studies you would retrieve if you matched terms like family business and succession; customers and banks; ethnic and entrepreneurs; or purchasing and supermarkets.  The two main databases for these fields include some full text articles online.

PsycINFO (Psychological Abstracts) contains more than 1.8 million citations from 1,700 periodicals in over 30 languages. In addition to journal articles, PsycINFO abstracts book chapters, books, dissertations and technical reports.  Select the Advanced Search tab at the top of the page.

Sociological Abstracts In addition to Sociology, this database indexes allied fields like  anthropology, political science, and other behavioral sciences. Coverage is of over 2,500 journals and selected books.  Select Advanced Search from the frame of the left.

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And a newer Business (Management) database:

Emerald Library: Their Electronic Management Research Library Database presents the full text to over 130 journals. The database contains over 25,000 management articles with abstracts from its archive back to 1989; full text is from 1994 onward. After you retrieve a citation scroll down to choose HTML or PDF for full text.  Often article references are also linked.

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And More:

E-Z Research Database Workshops:

For Spring’03 classes in the Library; see:

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New Human Resources Internet Sites on Internet Reference:

See the “Human Resources” page for:

Employment Law Information Network ( for the full text of employment laws and regulations, court cases and articles.

Economic Research Institute ( for terms, practices and laws that effect compensation.

The editorial staff of Inform notes with pride that with this number we have completed 50 issues of this quarterly.  The new, there is always the new; and the best of our traditions continue….

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