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by Daniel Hanne, Business Librarian
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Occasional Issue No. 1

Fall Quarter, 2003

The new (Internet) look of the University Library, and more!!!

But first:

The editors, writers, proofreaders, typesetters, and staff of Inform join in welcoming President J. Michael Ortiz to Cal Poly Pomona.


The new (Internet) look of the University Library:

There is a new Internet Home Page this Fall for our Cal Poly Pomona University (; and we have a new Home Page for our University Library:  The two are now comparable is style and the Library is a direct link from the University Home page.  A Team of Cal Poly Pomona Library students, faculty, and staff worked closely with a professional designer and conducted several feasibility studies before agreeing upon the design for the University Library Home Page.  It is necessary that this electronic doorway to our holdings and services will remain a work in progress.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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A new search interface for subject databases (for literature searches)

Now we have two interface choices for searching our databases; these are listed under “Research Tools” in the right hand column.  Select Database & Article Search and you can go directly to databases A to Z by title where you will search in the databases’ “native” interface as you have been doing.  When you select the second choice SEARCH+ Advanced Search you will find a new search interface that will ask for your social security number and last name. Log on as “Guest” to use databases as listed.  Under Search+ you can view Databases listed by subject or title.  You can search up to five databases at once.   If you log on with your name and social security number you can organize a “Personal Database List” for use in the future.  For example, a Personal Database List for literature searches in business subjects might include ABI/Inform, Academic Search Elite, Business Full Text and Emerald Fulltext  (search Factiva separately). When you search multiple databases you use the SEARCH+  interface and enter your key words in the two windows at the top center of the page.  Or you can search each database one at a time in its native interface by selecting the “Connect” button to the right of the database name.  We suggest you search the business database Factiva separately because it is much larger than the others and requires a slightly different search strategy (see instructions for searching Factiva under 

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A new name, look, and search engine for Internet Reference:

The 200 subject pages from the free, “public domain” Internet Reference site that our Librarians organized particularly to support the curriculum is now called Websites by Subject and is also one of the links listed under “Research Tools.”  You will find the same broad subject listing by major discipline or college as well as the A to Z “Sitemap” listing for pages. We now employ the excellent Google™ search engine for searching our Internet Reference pages and sites by key words.

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And More:

E-Z Research Database Workshops:

For Fall’03 classes in the Library; go to:  Please urge your students to enroll in the these free, one-session classes for direct and personal instruction on searching electronic subject databases.  These are worth offering some extra class credit for!

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A new comprehensive encyclopedia for Advertising:

The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising 3.v (Ref HF 5803 A38 2003) is an introduction to topics in this rich and complex field that fills a gap between the brief information found in handbooks and the comprehensive surveys of textbooks.  Articles are signed with a list of contributors.  The alphabetical listings include advertisers, agencies, foreign countries, history of advertising, industries, pioneers, products, and strategies, and more. Entries typically are several pages long and include illustrations and citations for further reading. Articles on companies include principle agencies.  Coverage includes topics of wider interest such as advertising to children, product placement, planned obsolescence, and how African-Americans are represented in advertising.  Topics are listed in volume one and a detailed index concludes volume three.

Our Websites by Subject include a page for Advertising that has links to several sites with thousands of images of advertisements going back to the Nineteenth Century.

And a new encyclopedia for international political economy:

The article “political economy” in the Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy 3.v (Ref  HF 1359 R68 2001) runs for five pages, basically defining a broad field combining politics and economics informed by all other social sciences including history (Fernand Braudel, East India Company).  Find articles on pure economics (Fei-Ranis Model), applied economics (Chicago School), international relations, (Bretton Woods, Uruguay Round), trade itself, (International Countertrade), political topics, (Cold War, Raganomics), culture (Confucian model of Development), and a number of “post” topics   (Post-Fordism, Post-Keynesian, Post-Rationalism, etc.), and more.  The eight-page article on “Globialism” gives a succinct introduction to this important topic.  Alphabetically arranged articles are signed with a list of contributors.  Articles include citations for further reading. A detailed index to all content concludes volume three.

And so: 20 March, 1989 to 30 January, 2004; it has been the best of times: Thank you all!!!

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