Volume 16
Fall 2003

Table of Contents

The Effect of Self Managing Teams on Manager Commitment and Organizational Tenure in Private Clubs Edward Merritt, Dennis E. Reynolds - 1
Loneliness and Social Dissatisfaction Among Adolescents in General and Special Education Melinda Pierson, Leah J. Edwards - 11
Developing a Market Niche for U.S. Agribusiness in Northeast China Using a Private-Public Relationship James M. Weidman, Shirley Bryant - 19
Steinbeck and Censorship Robert E. Morsberger - 29
A Practical Assessment of Fiber Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites Victor K. Okhuysen - 37
Students' Facility with U.S. and International Accounting Standards Marianne L. James, Carol Blaszcynski - 49
Interdisciplinary Design Education Through Service Learning Kip A. Dickson - 59
Tasting the Good and the Beautiful: The Aestheticization of Eating and Drinking in Traditional Chinese Culture Da'an Pan - 67
Lower Secondary School Curriculum Development in Vietnam Frederick Baker, Rosalie Giacchino-Baker - 77
The Multiple Causes of the LAPD Rampart Scandal Renford Reese - 85
Enterprise/Operational Risk Management Jeffrey Lee Cowherd, Daniel P. Manson - 99
Plagiarism as a Cross-Cultural Phonomenon Karen Russikoff, Liliane Fucaloro, Dalia Salkauskiene - 109
Non-Market Determinants of Exchange Market Interventions Ahmad Abdel-Rahman, Mohammad R. Safarzadeh - 121
Changes in Work Organization: a Comparison of North America, Latin America, and Australia Paul Hyland, Robert Mellor, Gordon Stewart, John Karayan - 129
Global Training with the Multi Lingual Web-based Strategic Management Analysis Model Behrouz A. Aslani - 139
Travel as Divine [Design] Inspiration Jen Bracy - 145
Chinese Exclusion Laws and the U.S. China Relationship Haiming Liu - 151
Applications of Technology in Accounting Education and Analysis of its Use Among Faculty Nas Ahadiat - 157
Two Theorems Dealing With Bounds on the Magnitudes of the Distances Between the n-Dimensional Cashwell-Everett Means Frank Glaser - 177

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