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Voices fom Our Past: Cal Poly Pomona Oral History

   Ben and Earl O'Brien (Students, Voorhis School for Boys)

Ben and Earl O'Brien, along with two more brothers, attended the Voorhis School for Boys (1928-1938) in San Dimas, California. Ben, the oldest, began attending near the School's inception. Both men discuss their daily lives at the Voorhis School, Jerry Voorhis and his family, the staff, other boys at the School, and the profoundly beneficial impact the Voorhis School made on their lives.

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Part 1: Arrival and early days at Voorhis School for Boys. (43 mins)
Part 2: Continuation of life at the Voorhis School and the School's impact on their lives. (44 mins)
Part 3: Continuation of the Voorhis School's impact on their lives and careers (7 mins)
  Interviewed by Danette Cook Adamson on June 20, 2003

You can read more about the Voorhis Family involvement in the history of this campus at The Voorhis Connection.
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Ben O'Brien, circa 1938
Ben O'Brien, circa 2003

Ben O'Brien
Ca 1930 and 2003

Earl O'Brien

Earl O'Brien

The Interviews

Voorhis Era

  Cal Poly Era