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Cal Poly Pomona Connection

Jose VadiWhile attending Cal Poly Pomona, Hilda Solis’s academic advisor and major Professor was Dr. Jose Vadi. In an interview, Dr. Vadi described Solis’s political career and how it resonates with how he remembers her as a student:

“Basically, what is the most impressive thing about Hilda Solis? The most impressive thing about her, to me—this is going to sound odd—but she is the same person I knew when she was twenty. She’s older, obviously. She’s a mature woman now. She is smarter. She’s not some naïve kid asking me which courses to take. But she is the same basic person. She is self effacing, she’s not arrogant, and she’s open. You know, there is no air of power. Just a very straight shooter and I like that. So it has really been an honor to have been her professor and know her.” -Dr. Jose Vadi (Oct. 2009)

Download the interview with Dr. Vadi (PDF)