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General Policies

Due to the rare or delicate nature of many of our materials, the following rules apply:

1. All visitors must sign in.

2. All backpacks and brief cases must be left in a designated area. Only notepaper may be brought to the reading tables.

3. All material is housed in closed stacks. A staff member will bring needed materials to the study tables. Materials may be used only in the Special Collections Room. Users must personally return all material to a staff member.

4. Use pencil only. This precludes accidental ink marks on the materials. Pencils are available at the tables.

5. Please handle all materials with great care to prevent damage. No marks should be added or erased. Loose sheets and volume pages should be carefully handled by their edges; book spines should be fully supported.

6. White cotton gloves are to be worn when handling photographic materials. Staff will provide them.

7. Please do not eat or drink while using materials in the Special Collections Room.

8. When working with documents in a folder, please maintain the original filing sequence.

9. Materials may be duplicated when it can be done without injury to the materials and when duplication does not violate donor agreements or copyright restrictions.

view of the interior of the special collections room10. The use of certain materials may be restricted. For the protection of its collections, the Special Collections unit reserves the right to restrict access to materials which are not yet arranged or processed, or which are exceptionally valuable or fragile. Use of some collections may be restricted by the donor. In some cases, copies may be substituted for the originals.

11. In the event that your research becomes a source of publication, please consider giving the Special Collections unit a copy of the publication. If a copy is unavailable, we would appreciate receiving a note giving the bibliographic citation.


Copying Services

We provide photocopy services  but reserve the right to restrict reproduction of its materials due to condition, size, or donor restrictions. We can produce photocopies on ordinary, 8.5 X 11 plain paper copies free of charge for a limited number of copies. Permission must be obtained from the Special Collections Librarian to publish or permanently display these reproductions. The publication fees are listed below. Photoduplication (copying by photography) policies are also listed below. Patrons are responsible for observing all U.S. copyright regulations.

Use Fees Publication of our materials is allowed according to the following fee schedule:

Publication and Use Fees

Number of  Copies Published Non Profit  For Profit Use
Books, Video Sales, Calendars, CD-ROMs
Fewer than 2,500 copies
2,500 - 4,999
5,000 - 9,999
10,000 - 24,999
25,000 - 49,999
50,000 or more copies
$ 15 per image
$ 30 per image
$ 40 per image
$ 50 per image
$ 60 per image
Quoted upon request
$ 45 per image
$ 65 per image
$ 90 per image
$ 150 per image
$225 per image
$250 (min per image)
Fewer than 5,000 copies
5,000 - 9,999
10,000 - 49,000
50,000 - 99,999
1000,00 or more copies
$ 15 per image
$ 25 per image
$ 35 per image
$ 40 per image
Quoted upon request
$ 35 per image
$ 50 per image
$ 100 per image
$ 150 per image
$250 (min per image)
Broadcast Film or TV
Local Only
$ 35 per image
$ 125 per image
$ 100 per image
$ 250 per image
Web Page
  $ 100 per image $ 250 per image
Advertising and Promotion
$ 25 per image
$ 50 per image
$ 75 per image
$175 per image
$ 50 per image
$ 75 per image
$175 per image
$250 per image
Public Display
11" X 14" or smaller
16" X 20" to 40" X 60"
Mural (larger than 40" X 60")
$ 20 per image
$ 40 per image
$ 80 per image
$ 50 per image
$100 per image
$200 per image
  $  4 per scan  
Compact Disc
  $  6 per disc  
Shipping & Handling
  Starting at $ 4 per order  
Private/Personal Use
  $ 15 per image  
  Fees Effective 8/2003. Fees subject to change without notice  

The Special Collections unit allows photographic reproduction of its materials unless doing so would damage the items or violate donor agreements or copyright restrictions.  All reproductions of Special Collections materials are permitted at the discretion of the Cal Poly Pomona University Library.

  •  Patrons may use their own equipment or arrange for a professional photographer to make reproductions in the Library.  Photography sessions must be scheduled in advance with the Special Collections staff. 

  •  If it is not feasible for patrons to make their own photographic reproductions in the Library, then the reproductions will be made by an agreed upon vendor who is experienced with the proper handling of archival materials.  The Library will deliver to the vendor the materials needing reproduction.  Patrons requesting photographic reproductions are responsible for conveying their specific instructions to and paying the vendor directly for all agreed-upon services.  Patrons are also responsible for making arrangements to pick-up or have their completed work delivered to them by the vendor.

  • If the Library does not own a negative of a needed photograph, patrons will pay the vendor directly for a negative that the Library will retain.

  • Cal Poly Pomona University Library makes these photographic reproductions for one-time use.  Copies may not be sold or placed in other institutions.  Copies may not be further duplicated or given to other individuals.  The Special Collections unit reserves the right to ask for the return of copies when the user is finished with them.

  • Publication or display of these reproductions without permission from the copyright holder may constitute copyright infringement.

  •  The Library must be credited whenever the photograph is published or publicly viewed.  The credit line should read: “Courtesy, Cal Poly Pomona University Library Special Collections” and should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits.  If the image is published or broadcast, the Library also requests a copy of the publication or program, or when that is not feasible, the bibliographic citation.

View the Photoduplication agreement form and the Photoduplication request form (Both require free Adobe PDF reader).


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