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Jerry Voorhis Day Resolution







WHEREAS, Jerry Voorhis, a Founding Father of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona gave the school its first campus; and

WHEREAS, His educational philosophy and practices at the Voorhis School for Boys created a model school that inspired hundreds of young persons to become contributing citizens; and

WHEREAS, His systems approach to education, designed to allow each student to realize his potential intellectually, physically, emotionally, and morally has offered an inspiration and example for Cal Poly; and

WHEREAS, Jerry Voorhis, during his five terms as Representative from the 12th California District, so exemplified the noble goals he strove to impart to his students that he won highest praise from Washington reporters as the most honest, most respected, most dedicated representative of the people of this country; and

WHEREAS, His extraordinary integrity and ability to impressed political representatives of both parties that the late Senator Paul Douglas wrote of him that: "I have seen the eyes of hardened politicians moisten at the mention of his name, and I believe he is truly one of the saints of the earth"; and

WHEREAS, Jerry Voorhis as Executive Director and President of the Cooperative League of the U.S.A. encouraged and made it possible for million of Americans to improve their economic position through consumer cooperatives in many fields; and

WHEREAS, He enabled people to work together harmoniously for themselves and others through consumer cooperatives, which are based on the dual principles of self-help and community concern; and

WHEREAS, His career as a leader of the International Cooperative Alliance has made it possible for people in countries all over the world to obtain economic advancement and to work with others toward a peaceful solution of world problems; and

WHEREAS, Jerry Voorhis has communicated his ideals to millions of others through ten books and hundreds of articles and speeches; and

WHEREAS, His activities in retirement, in which he has dedicated himself to religious, social and educational concerns, have made life better and happier for so many persons of all ages; and

WHEREAS, His presence and that of his wife, Louise, have graced our lives for the last decade; be it therefore

RESOLVED That the Faculty of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona recognize April 18, 1979 as JERRY VOORHIS DAY AT CAL POLY, a time to remind ourselves of the noblest goals of education, a time to pay tribute to him for the extraordinary contributions he has made to the world in our time and to our own lives.

Adopted by the Faculty Senate of California State Polytechnic University Pomona, on April 11, 1979.

M. L. DeVilbiss, Chairman


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