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Song of the Viking
Words by Jerry Voorhis

Sung to the tune of The University of Maine Stein Song

Stand, young men, and face your day;
Life, with its hopes, now calls you;
Think, and build the Faith of your age;
Work, and make the world anew!
So meet your destiny as men;
Stand forth with loyal hearts and strong!
For God in spirit is within you
As now you chant your battle song.

To the courage and might
Of the toilers of every craft under the sun!
To the kindness and light
Of generous hearts that hold love for mankind!
To the thought, and the art
Of the mind of the man who makes beauty anew!
To the love and the heart
Of the man who would die for a friend

The greed that still holds men as serfs-
The lies and the hate that breed war-
The might that holds the weak in contempt-
The ignorance that makes men fear-
These shall stand condemned by the Light
Of a Truth that shall set men free.
Search until you find that Truth.
Then speak, and the world shall see.

We pledge our loyalty till death
To all whom our school may call.
We go together into the fight
All for one and one for all.
We pledge our lives and all our strength,
Our powers whate’er they be;
Our cause the Brotherhood of man-and
The Kingdom of our loves set free.


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