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Picture of Mission Vineyards


The Wine Industry Collection includes hundreds of volumes, many linear feet of archival materials and artifacts, picture of Virginia Dare tonic adand continues to grow. Information is collected on California wine and viticulture, with emphasis on Southern California, but the scope of the collection is also worldwide. We have also created a number of subject files on Southern California wine and wineries. Included in the collection are current, rare and historic books on wine, California wine and viticulture. There are many oral histories, including all of the California Winemen Oral History Series from the Bancroft Library and wine-related oral histories done by the City of Rancho Cucamonga, the Upland Public Library, and Cal Poly Pomona Library.

We have all issues of the lovely but short-lived South Coast Wine magazine, a complete run of Wayward Tendrils Newsletter/Quarterly, and newsletters issued by Hi-Time Wine Cellars. We have microfilms of Los Angeles' Wine Review, California Grape Grower, Wines & Vines, and various Wine Institute reports and bulletins. There are research notes and files on Southern California wine and grape history created by wine historian William Heintz. Wine columnist Vick Knight has donated materials, including some of his newspaper columns and a copy of his cable picturetelevision show on Temecula vintners. We also have detailed documentation on the establishment of the Cucamonga Valley and Temecula Viticultural Areas. The collection includes newsletters and records for local wine clubs such as the Riverside Wine Society, Temecula Valley Wine Society, High Desert Wine Explorers, Redlands Wine Consortium, and Inland Empire Wine Society. There are also selected files and memorabilia from the Los Angeles County Fair Wines of the Americas competition and the Rancho Cucamonga Grape Harvest Festival, in addition to subject files covering other local wine competitions.

Among our photographic holdings is a historic album, once owned by Garrett & Company, containing over 70 photographs of Guasti and the Italian Vineyard Company. We also have videos, postcards, posters, wine labels, grape crate labels, maps, ephemera, bottles, glasses, medals, and t-shirts. All books and periodicals in the collection are fully listed in the university library catalog.

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