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Special Venues on Campus

The License of Facilities Office can assist you in finding the best suited location on campus to meet the needs and requirements of your event. Below are some locations on campus that you can reserve for your event.

For more information on special or catered events, please visit Kellog West Weddings and Events or contact

Rose Garden and gazebo

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden north of the CLA building is a favorite site for wedding ceremonies. Couples exchange vows in a white wood gazebo surrounded by a bright cloud of roses planted in six concentric rows. Guests, seated between each floral row, are treated to the fragrance of over 230 varieties of roses all fastidiously groomed by the University's floriculture students. This space is also ideal for wedding photos.

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Union Plaza Fountain

Union Plaza

Union Plaza Courtyard is another fine location. The courtyard is in the original Kellogg stable building where nearly 48 years it was home for the Arabian Horses. The courtyard that is 65 feet wide by 220 feet long that contains the Russell & Ruth Mawby Fountain.

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Japanese Garden and pond

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is an excellent place to take wedding photos. The 1.3 acre George and Sakaye Aratani Japanese Garden flourishes with bonsai pine, sculptured rock, sasa bamboo, zoysia grass and other traditional Asian flora. A large pond, complete with a running waterfall, two overlooking bridges, walkways, a fountain, small amphitheater and new lighting will creates a small slice of peaceful paradise.

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CLA Paseo and Plaza

CLA Paseo and Plaza

For outdoor receptions and events.

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