LPAC Objectives

To assist Alumni in continued educational, professional, and cultural growth and development; to engage in educational and charitable plans, projects, programs, and activities; to promote, establish, and maintain appropriate communication patterns and other mutually beneficial relationships between the Cal Poly Pomona students and its Chicano/Latino alumni; to maximize use of alumni resources including talents, services, and financial assistance toward the attainment of the educational and charitable goals of the Cal Poly Pomona Chicano/Latino campus community; and to promote the educational, leadership, and communication skills within the Chicano/Latino community. LPAC objectives are:

  1. Plan networking/social events and general meetings to provide networking opportunities
  2. Increase communication with members via e-mail, newsletters, and the LPAC web page
  3. Increase endowment fund for future Chicano/Latino student scholarships at Cal Poly Pomona
  4. Increase LPAC Membership
  5. Fundraise Year-Round
  6. Enhance the Hilda L. Solis Scholarship Dinner and Reception
  7. Increase connection with Cal Poly Pomona's Chicano/Latino student clubs and organizations
  8. Increase membership participation in accomplishing LPAC goals and attending events
  9. Update LPAC by-laws


Help us develop future goals by giving us input on what you would like LPAC to do.  Send your input in an email to Yanet Garcia at lpac.cpp@gmail.com.