LSAMP Program at Cal Poly

The LSAMP program at Cal Poly Pomona is designed to build a collaborative learning community of amoung students with similar career goals in the STEM disciplines. LSAMP works in collaboration with the MEP and SEES programs to provide academic support, advising, opportunities for career networking, undergraduate research opportunities and preparation for graduate school.

Activities to support STEM students begin with entering freshman and transfer students and continue to graduation. Several activities are offered to meet our goals including a summer commuter program to prepare first-time freshman and transfer students (Quest), academic excellence workshops (AEW) in key “gatekeeper” courses, a CSU-LSAMP Community College Transfer Scholars Program (which provides 3 new transfer students with $1000 during their first year at Cal Poly Pomona), paid research experiences, assistance with admission to graduate schools (GRE workshops, application help, fee waivers, etc.) and funds to attend research conferences.

A major capstone activity of LSAMP is an independent research experience with a faculty member at Cal Poly Pomona or off-campus research programs. Students participating in the research program can receive a stipend and/or course credit. See Research link.About CSU-LSAMP: The Cal Poly LSAMP program is funded through the system-wide CSU-LSAMP and is supported by funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF grant # HRD-0331537), the CSU Office of the Chancellor, and the Cal Poly campus.