Spectroscopy Handouts (NMR, IR, Mass Spec)
Dr. Laurie Starkey, Cal Poly Pomona

IR Problem-Solving Strategies - Interpreting IR Spectra (handout)

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (handout | answer key)

Following are NMR handouts that you may find to be useful in solving NMR problems.

Other resources:

Spectroscopy textbook written by Cal Poly Pomona's very own Dr. Phil Beauchamp! Also, Dr. Beauchamp created a useful guide for interpreting Mass Spec fragmentation patterns.

1H NMR tutorials and practice: WebSpectra - Dr. Merlic (UCLA)| Dr. King (Wake Forest) | Dr. Reusch (MSU) | Dr. Reich (U Wisconsin Madison)

ChemCalc Mass Spec calculator (determines possible formulas, given a molecular or fragment mass)
"ChemCalc: a building block for tomorrow’s chemical infrastructure." Patiny, Luc; Borel, Alain
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 201. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ci300563h


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Last updated February 2015.