Costa Rica Field Studies Program

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica - Geomorphology & Tectonics



Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)


Director:  Dr. Jeff Marshall


Cal Poly Pomona

Geological Sciences Department


Reading List



Overview: Middle America Convergent Margin Geomorphology & Tectonics


Marshall, J.S., 2007, Geomorphology and physiographic provinces of Central America (Chapter 3): in Bundschuh, J. and Alvarado, G., eds., Central America: Geology, Resources, and Hazards, Taylor and Francis, London, p. 75-122.


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Ranero, C.R., von Huene, R., Weinrebe, W., and Barckhausen, U., 2007, Convergent margin tectonics of Central America: A marine perspective (Chapter 9): in Bundschuh, J. and Alvarado, G., eds., Central America: Geology, Resources, and Hazards, Taylor and Francis, London, p. 239-265.


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Costa Rica Pacific Margin: Structure & Tectonics


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Fisher, D.M., Gardner, T.W., Marshall, J.S., Sak, P.B., and Protti, M., 1998, Effect of subducting sea-floor roughness on fore-arc kinematics, Pacific coast, Costa Rica: Geology, v. 26, p. 467-470.


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von Huene, R., Ranero, C., Weinrebe, W., and Hinz, K., 2000, Quaternary convergent margin tectonics of Costa Rica: Segmentation of the Cocos Plate and Central American volcanism: Tectonics, v.19, p. 314-334.


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Barckhausen, U., Ranero, C.R., von Huene, R., Cande, S.C., and Roeser, H.A., 2001, Revised tectonic boundaries in the Cocos Plate off Costa Rica: Implications for the segmentation of the convergent margin and for plate tectonic models: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 106, p. 19,207–19,220.


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Marshall, J.S., Fisher, D.M., and Gardner, T.W., 2000, Central Costa Rica deformed belt: Kinematics of diffuse faulting across the western Panama block, Tectonics, v. 19, p. 468-492.


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Marshall, J.S., Gardner, T.W., Fisher, D.M., Sak, P.B., and Protti, M., 2001, Quaternary neotectonics of the Costa Rican coastal fore arc: Field Guide for National Science Foundation MARGINS Program Workshop on Central American Tectonics, Heredia, Costa Rica, July 2001, 62 p.


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Sak, P.B., Fisher, D.M., Gardner, T.W., Marshall, J.S., and LaFemina, P.C., 2009, Rough crust subduction, forearc kinematics, and Quaternary uplift rates, Costa Rican segment of the Middle American Trench: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 121, no. 7/8, p. 992–1012; doi: 10.1130/B26237.1.


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Nicoya Peninsula: Margin Wedge Accretion vs. Subduction Erosion


Shipley, T.H., McIntosh, K.D., Silver, E.A. and Stoffa, P.L., 1992, Three-dimensional seismic imaging of the Costa Rica accretionary prism: Structural diversity in a small volume of the lower slope: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 97, p. 4439–4459.


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[PDF file: 724 kb]


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Nicoya Peninsula: Forearc Geology, Stratigraphy, & Tectonics


Lundberg, N., 1982, Evolution of the slope landward of the Middle America Trench, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, in Legget, J. K., ed., Trench-forearc geology: Geological Society of London Special Publication 10, p. 131-147.


[PDF file: 1.5 Mb]


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[PDF file: 780 kb]


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[PDF file: 1.1 Mb]


Calvo, C., 2003, Provenance of plutonic detritus in cover sandstones of Nicoya Complex, Costa Rica: Cretaceous unroofing history of a Mesozoic ophiolite sequence: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 115, p. 832-844.


[PDF file: 6.3 Mb]


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[PDF file: 2.0 Mb]


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Nicoya Peninsula: Geomorphology & Neotectonics


Hare, P.W., and Gardner, T.W., 1985, Geomorphic indicators of vertical neotectonism along converging plate margins, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, in Morisawa, M., and Hack, J.T., eds., Tectonic geomorphology: Proceedings of the 15th Geomorphology Symposia Series, Binghamton, p. 76-104.


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[PDF file: 500 kb]


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[PDF file: 284 kb]


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Marshall, J.S., 2008, Megathrust earthquakes, coastal uplift, and emergent marine terraces of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, in Bierman, P. and Montgomery, D., eds., Key Concepts in Geomorphology, Online Vignettes, [web site]: Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota:


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Marshall, J.S., Gardner, T.W., Protti, M., and Nourse, J.A., 2009, International geosciences řeld research with undergraduate students: Three models for experiential learning projects investigating active tectonics of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, in Whitmeyer, S.J., Mogk, D.W., and Pyle, E.J., eds., Field Geology Education: Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches: Geological Society of America Special Paper 461, p. 77-98, doi: 10.1130/2009.2461(08).


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Nicoya Peninsula: Subduction Earthquakes & Seismogenic Zone Structure


Protti, M., Gonzalez, V., Schwartz, S., Dixon, T., Kato, T., Kaneda, Y., Simila, G., Sampson, D., 2007, Seismic and Geodetic Monitoring of the Nicoya, Costa Rica, Seismic Gap: Eos Transactions American Geophysical Union, v. 88, Abstract U54B-06.


[PDF file: 8 kb]


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[PDF file: 12 kb]


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[PDF file: 536 kb]


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[PDF file: 1.3 Mb]


Schwartz, S.Y. and DeShon, H.R., 2007, Distinct Up-dip Limits to Geodetic Locking and Microseismicity at the Northern Costa Rica Seismogenic Zone: Evidence for Two Mechanical Transitions, in Dixon, T. and Moore, J.C., eds., The Seismogenic Zone of Subduction Thrust Faults, Columbia University Press, New York, p. 576-599.


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[PDF file: 388 kb]


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Nicoya Peninsula: GPS Geodesy & Plate Coupling


Lundgren, P., Protti, M., Donnellan, A., Heflin, M., Hernandez, E., and Jefferson, D., 1999, Seismic cycle and plate margin deformation in Costa Rica: GPS observations from 1994 to 1997: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 104, p. 28,915–28,926.


[PDF file: 1.3 Mb]


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[PDF file: 552 kb]


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[PDF file: 2.2 Mb]


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[PDF file: 6.1 Mb]


Feng, L., Newman, A.V., Protti, M., González, V., Jiang, Y., and Dixon, T.H., 2012, Active deformation near the Nicoya Peninsula, northwestern Costa Rica, between 1996 and 2010: Interseismic megathrust coupling: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 117, B06407, doi:10.1029/2012JB009230.


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Nicoya Peninsula: Subduction Zone Thermal Structure & Fluid Flow


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[PDF file: 1.2 Mb]


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[PDF file: 412 kb]


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[PDF file: 572 kb]


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