Cal Poly Pomona, Geological Sciences Department NOTE: Course schedule altered this quarter due to budget cuts & mandatory faculty furloughs!
GSC 323: Geomorphology - Fall 2009 Please see separate handout from California Faculty Association (CFA) for further information.
Professor: Dr. Jeff Marshall Lecture: Tu & Th 10:45-12:00, Rm. 4A-608
Office: Bldg. 4, Room A-406 Lab: Tu 1:00-3:50, Rm. 4A-634
Phone: 869-3461 Office Hours: Mo & We 10:00-11:00, Th 1:30-3:30
E-mail: Text: Process Geomorphology (Ritter, Kochel, & Miller)
1 9/24 Th Course Introduction: The Earth's Surface Ch. 1
2 9/29 Tu Process Geomorphology: Fundamentals Concepts Lab Exercise #1: Topo Map & Air Photo Analysis Ch. 2
10/1 Th Dynamic Equilibrium of Landscapes
3 10/6 Tu* No Lecture or Lab (Furlough Day 1) Continue work on Exercise #1 Ch. 5
10/8 Th Hydrologic Cycle & Drainage Basins
4 10/13 Tu Stream Networks & Longitudinal Profiles Field Trip - Claremont Wilderness Park Ch. 6
10/15 Th Hydrology of Hillslopes & Stream Channels Lab Exercise #2: Drainage Basin Morphometry
5 10/20 Tu* No Lecture or Lab (Dr. Marshall at GSA Meeting) Continue work on Exercise #2 Ch. 7
10/22 Th* No Lecture (Dr. Marshall at GSA Meeting)
10/24-25 Sa-Su WEEKEND FIELD TRIP - Coastal Geomorphology & Tectonics of San Diego County Field Trip Handouts
6 10/27 Tu Active vs. Passive Margin Coastlines Lab Exercise #3: Coastal Uplift & Marine Terraces Ch. 13
10/29 Th Coastal Processes, Beaches, & Tidal Platforms
7 11/3 Tu Tectonic Geomorphology Field Trip - Sierra Madre-Cucamonga Fault Zone Article: Van Buskirk & Brooks, 1994
11/5 Th Neotectonics & Paleoseismology Lab Exercise #4: Earthquakes & Mountain Uplift
8 11/10 Tu The Critical Zone: Regolith & Soils On Campus Field Trip - Voorhis Ecological Reserve Ch. 3 & 4
11/12 Th Soil Geochemistry & Rock Weathering Lab Exercise #5: Soils Classification Field Exercise
9 11/17 Tu Quaternary Climate & Pleistocene Glaciations Lab Exercise #6: Glaciers & Quaternary Climate Ch. 9, 10, &11
11/19 Th The Ice Record & Global Climate Change
10 11/24 Tu Landscape Denudation & Isostasy Geomorphology Research Case Studies Article: Pinter & Brandon, 1997
11/26 Th* No Lecture Today (Thanksgiving Holiday)
11 12/1 Tu* No Lecture or Lab Today (Furlough Day 2) Work on Take Home Exam
12/3 Th* No Lecture Today (Furlough Day 3)
12 Finals Week Take home exam - Due Mon. 12/7
Take Home Exam: 40%
Practical Exercises: 60%
TOTAL: 100%
Take Home Exam:
The final take-home exam will cover material from the lecture, labs, field trips, readings, videos, and homework assignments.
Practical Exercises:
Lab and field trip reports will be due at the beginning of the following week's lab period (unless otherwise specified). You will receive a separate handout
that explains the expected format and content of these reports. While you may consult with other students while working on these assignments, the work
that you turn in should be written in your own words and should reflect your own individual effort. No late work will be accepted.
Research Project:
We will not engage in the Geomorphology Research Project this Quarter due to CSU systemwide budget cuts and mandatory faculty furloughs.
Students are expected to attend all class sessions, take careful notes, ask questions, and join in class discussion.