Dr. Jeff Marshall
Undergraduate Research Advising



Reynicole Gilbert

Research Project:

Variations in tectonic uplift patterns based on stream length gradient indices, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica



Reynicole Gilbert during Geomorphology class field trip along the San Diego County coastline (October 2007)

Digital elevation model of northern Costa Rica (SRTM) linked to offshore bathymetric data (courtesy of C.J. Petersen, IFM-GEOMAR).  This image shows the outer fore arc Nicoya Peninsula and the Middle America Trench offshore, where the Cocos oceanic plate subducts beneath Costa Rica on the Caribbean plate and Panama block.



Images:  Project photos and illustrations


Project Overview:

Reynicole Gilbert’s senior thesis examines tectonic uplift patterns on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula based on variations in the magnitude of stream length-gradient indices. She is using standard 1:200,000 scale topographic maps to calculate and contour stream length-gradient values for drainage networks throughout the peninsula. The goal of this project is to evaluate variations in uplift patterns and identify possible upper plate faults. This project is part of a larger regional investigation of Nicoya Peninsula neotectonics and paleogeodesy directed by Dr. Marshall.


Research Abstracts:

2008 Central American Geologic Congress Abstract: Congreso Geológico de América Central, San José, Costa Rica, 2008


Senior Thesis:

Gilbert, R., in progress, Variations in tectonic uplift patterns based on stream length-gradient indices, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica: [B.S. Thesis] Cal Poly Pomona University, Pomona, California.