Help with LaTeX

Write your thesis using LaTeX. Microsoft Word not an ideal tool and should be avoided at all costs. Detexify is a helpful tool. Try it!

TeX Downloads

The following programs are free to download:

Sample Thesis

Thanks to Dr. Berit Givens, Tzevetlin Petrov, Rolando de Santiago, Sarah Underwood, and Brian Kahovec for creating and sharing the files found here.

For starters, rename the cppSampleThesis.tex file with whatever name you want. Save the renamed cppSampleThesis.tex and CPP.cls to the same folder. (Right-click below on the CPP.cls style file to save.) Then use your LaTeX program of choice (in our computer lab, your choices are WinEdt for Windows or TexShop for Macs) to open the renamed cppSampleThesis.tex file. Follow the instructions written in the file.

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