Cal Poly Pomona

Department Colloquium Series 2009-2010

All department colloquium will be held in room 3-1616 (building 3) from 12:05pm-12:50pm, unless announced otherwise.  Refreshments will be served at 12:00 noon.  Please address any colloquium-related questions to the department colloquium committee (Dr. Joe Latulippe, Dr. Hubertus von Bremen, or Dr. Jenny Switkes).   

   Fall Quarter '09
 Oct. 9

 Dr. Margarita Toro, Univesidad National de Colombia at Medellin.

"On 3-Bridge link Classification"

(This is a special talk scheduled on Friday 4-5pm in Room 3-1616)

 Oct. 15

 Dr. Carlos Mejia, Univesidad National de Colombia at Medellin.

"Numerical Solution of Convection Diffusion Equations by Discrete Mollification"

 Oct. 22

 Dr. Berit Givens and Dr. Amber Rosin, Cal Poly Pomona. (This is a special talk for faculty only!)

"WebWork --- Online Homework for Calculus"

 Nov. 5

 Dr. Robert Rovetti, Loyola Marymount University, CA.

"The Game of Life (and Sudden Death): Predicting Cardiac Instabilities at Multiple Scales with Stochastic Models"

 Nov. 12

 Jenn Burke, University of California, Riverside.

"A Millennium Prize Problem from the CMI: the Navier- Stokes Equations"

(This is a special talk sponsored by Advance)

 Nov. 19

 Geoffrey Caine, Natural Learning Research Institute in Idyllwild, CA.

"How different learning processes generate different types of knowledge"

 Dec. 3

 Tim Schempp, Raytheon Company.

"Proving Integrity: Applications of probability and statistics used to certify the Wide Area Augmentation System"

   Winter Quarter '10
 Jan. 14

 Dr. Jihoon Kim, UC San Diego.

"A Pipeline for Cross-platform Analysis of Gene Expression Data"

 Jan. 21

 Dr. Brent Deschamp, Cal Poly Pomona. (This is a special talk for faculty only!)

“What Exactly Is This, Anyway?: A Look at SCI 101/102”

 Jan. 28

 Dr. Jeff Vaughn, Senior Scientist at the Optical Sciences Company, CA

"Adventures in Analytic Continuation, or Using Your Integral Table for All it is Worth"

 Feb. 4

 Dr. Alissa Crans, Cal Poly Pomona. (This is a special talk during KME meeting!)

"Quandles, Braids, and Tangles, oh my!"

 Feb. 11

 Brian Vega and Jonathon Henry, Cal Poly Pomona.

"Coding Theory: Investigating the Structure and Classification of Toric codes"

 Feb. 26

 Dr. Art Benjamin, Harvey Mudd College, CA.

"Combinatorial Trigonometry (and a method to DIE for)"

(This is a special talk scheduled on Friday 4-5pm in Room 3-1616)

   Spring Quarter '10
 April 15

 Dr. Brendan Purdy, Moorpark College, CA.

"Binary Multinomial Processing Tree Models: Their Formalization and Relation to Other Graphical Models"

(This talk is scheduled in Room 8-156)

 April 22

 Jill Shirley, Cal Poly Pomona, CA.

"Using Blackboard to Upload Class Handouts or 'How to Reduce Photocopying Expenses in 15 Minutes or Less' "

(This talk is scheduled in Room 8-146 Computer Lab)

 May 6

 Dr. Chris Mun, Cal Poly Pomona, CA.

"Introduction to Latex/Beamer"

 May 20

 Dr. Gary Hawkins, The Aerospace Corporation.

“Evolution of a Technology; Machine Augmented Composites”

 May 21

 Dr. Daryl Daley, The Australian National University.

“Explaining Annual Disease Data”

 June 3


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