All department colloquium will be held in room 156 (building 8) from 12:05pm-12:50pm, unless announced otherwise.  Refreshments will be served at 12:00 noon.  Please address any colloquium-related questions to the department colloquium committee (Dr. Hubertus von Bremen or Dr. Ioana Mihaila). Please click on the titles to read an abstract of the presentation.

   Fall Quarter '05
October 6
 Dr. Jenny Switkes, Cal Poly Pomona, "Expedition to Ethiopia Summer 2005"
November 3
 Mr. Mike Murphy, Encino, CA, "An Introduction to Computational Origami"
November 17
 Mr. Jason Pham, Cal Poly Pomona, "A Continuous Model of Gene Expression" and Mr. Ben Moreno, Cal Poly Pomona, "Turbo Codes and Permutations"
December 1
 Dr. Shahriar Shahriari, Pomona College, "Chain Partitions of Subset and Subspace Lattices"
   Winter Quarter '06
January 9
 Dr. Shannon Guerrero, UC Davis, "CMETS and the Development of Technology using Teacher Leaders"
January 10
 Ms. Jane Ries Cushman, University of Texas-Austin, "Assessing Secondary Pre-service Students' Understanding of TIme vs. Distance Functions"
January 17
 Ms. Jennifer Kaplan, University of Texas-Austin, "Factors in Statistics Learning: Developing a Dispositional Attribution Model to Describe Differences in the Development of Statistical Proficiency"
January 20
 Mr. Scott Rippy, UC Riverside, "Representations of Algebra in School: a Case Study of Three Eighth-grade Classrooms"
February 2
 Dr. Mark Burgin, UCLA, "Neoclassical Analysis or How to make Calculus more Relevant to the Real World"
February 6
 Dr. Babette Benken, Oakland University, MI, "A Cross-University Experiment: Expanding Prospective Elementary Teacher's Understanding of Mathematics, Teaching and Learning"
February 16
 Mr. Ronald C. Neath, University of Minnesota, "Fully Automating Monte Carlo Algorithms for Likelihood-based Inference in Hierarchical Models"
February 21
 Dr. Qiang Zhao, University of Texas-Pan American, "Nonparametric Comparisons of Survival Functions for Interval-Censored Failure Time Data"
February 28
 Dr. T. Lynn Eudey, Chiron Corporation, Emeryville, CA, "Design and Analysis for Validation of Quantitative Methods"
March 1
 Mr. Robert Pawloski, University of Arizona, "The Representation Theory of Finite Groups: Computing the Ext-Algebra"
March 1
 Mr. Punkaj Gupta, Cal Poly Pomona (M.S. Thesis Defense), "Estimation of Cancer Mortality Rates Using Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling with Space and Time"
March 2
 Mr. Robin Wilson, UC Davis, "Knots, Surfaces, and 3-manifolds"
March 3
 Dr. Dustin Stewart, Trinity University, "Ranking Players in a Round Robin Tournament"
March 7
 Mr. Brent Deschamp, University of Wyoming, "Interval Partitions and Permanents"
March 8
 Dr. Sanjai Gupta, Scripps College, Claremont, CA, "Modular Forms and Sums of Squares"
   Spring Quarter '06
April 6
 Dr. Tamara Veenstra, University of Redlands, CA, "A Number Theory Application to Origami"
April 20
 Dr. Javier Trigos-Arrieta, California State University, Bakersfield, CA, "Probability Measures on Finite Sets"
May 04
 Dr. Silvia Heubach, California State University, Los Angeles, CA, "Do you Sudoku?"