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The Chinese Language Certificate Program



Language Certificate Program

The EFL Department offers a Certificate Program in Foreign Languages with interdisciplinary emphasis, such as international business, history, architecture, etc. Certificate programs require completion of a minimum of 16 units of course work. These programs differ from baccalaureate minors and degree programs in the special overall emphasis.  They give practical and applied knowledge of foreign languages for professional use. Certificates may be earned concurrently or following award of the baccalaureate degree.  A granted certificate provides formal recognition by the EFL department and the University that the course of study involves substantial exposure to the field. Courses taken to meet the requirements of the EFL certificate programs may also be used simultaneously, where applicable, to meet General Education requirements of cooperating departments. In addition, courses taken to meet the requirements of the EFL certificate programs may also be used simultaneously towards completion of a minor or major in a language where applicable. Cal Poly Pomona students and members from the community at large through the Extended University may enroll in this program.

Certificate in Chinese (Mandarin)

The Certificate Program in Chinese (Mandarin) offers students an opportunity to develop spoken and written competency in Chinese, and to acquire a broad introduction to various aspects of culture, business, arts, politics, history and economics in areas where Chinese is spoken. The program is designed for students who intend to pursue a career in the private or public sectors, for which knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and the command of the language are useful or necessary, and also for students who intend to pursue a graduate program in which such knowledge and competency are required.

1.A student may work towards a bachelor's degree in any discipline while
completing the EFL certificate program.

2.Sixteen (16) units of 200-300 level courses in the target foreign language.

3.Language proficiency at the low-intermediate level.

4.Prerequisites:  To have completed the elementary language sequence and/or instructor’s approval.

Upon completion of courses and before receiving the certificate, students must pass a Proficiency Examination in the language.  To insure success in the examination, it is recommended that students maintain a B or better average in the language courses.

Students will take the following courses:

FL 271  Intermediate Chinese I
FL 272  Intermediate Chinese II
FL 273  Intermediate Chinese III
FL 371  Advanced Chinese Culture and Civilization

Students are supposed to apply for the Chinese certificate upon/after they have completed all the four courses. They may also take appropriate online courses at other CSUs.