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Q: Can I skip FL 171 and take FL 172 or FL 173 directly?

A: Yes, if your current language ability allows you to take that course. You can always register for a higher level class as long as you are confident in taking that course. For example, you may take FL 271 without taking elementary courses (FL 171, 172, and 173).

Q: I have been learning Chinese since high school, but I still have difficulty reading and writing. What class should I take?

A: If you have taken 1 year of Chinese at high school, you may take FL 172. In this course, you will learn some basic Chinese characters and grammar. It also helps you review the words learned in FL 171.

Q: I can speak a little Chinese, but I don't read and write at all. Should I take FL 171 or FL 172?

A: You need to take FL 171 because this is the class where you will start learning how to write Chinese characters.

Q: I can only speak Cantonese, but I know some of the Chinese words already. Should I take FL 171?

A: In this case, you may take either FL 171 or FL 172. If you would like to learn the Pinyin sound system to pronounce standard Mandarin Chinese, you may take FL 171. Otherwise, you may take FL 172 since the Chinese characters are the same in both.

Q: I already know some Chinese, but I only know the traditional characters. Am I supposed to take lower level classes or high level classes?

A: In this case, you should take higher level classes because traditional characters are absolutely acceptable though in class only simplified characters will be taught. In addition, only a small portion of the characters are different in terms of traditional and simplified writing forms.