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Special-Meat Cuts

Beef Cut Chart Lamb Cut Chart

  Our current "SPECIALS" are a variety of sausages. We have approximately fifteen different types of fresh (uncooked) pork sausage items that we continue to make throughout the year. Visit our price list page for prices and types currently available. If you have a favorite you don't see, let us know. We will attempt to make it in our processing facility.

  We also offer a variety of beef, pork and lamb for your freezer. The meat is aged and cut to your specifications in our AVS327 class that is held every quarter. The aging process we use at the Meat Science & Processing facility makes the meat more flavorful and tender. You can purchase these items for great prices throughout the year.

  The beef is sold by the hind (approx. 150#) or fore quarter (150#) or by the side (300#). It is sold based on a hanging weight prior to cutting to your specifications. The pork is sold by the half (approx. 75#) or whole carcass (150#). The lamb (50#) is sold by the whole carcass. The lamb will be aged, cut and packaged to your specifications as well as the beef. Pork is cut fresh.

  The meat that is aged at the Meat Science facility is so much more appetizing than what you would purchase in the supermarkets. The best part of buying it this way is the ability to choose exactly how you want your meat cut and packaged to fit your families’ needs.

  Buying your meat in bulk is more economical than making individual purchases. Having a variety of meat on hand can save time as it is there waiting for you. No need to wait for the sales or specials at your local market. To make your order, call ext.


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