Video Conference Request Form

This form serves the following purposes:

  • Two-way video with other CSU/UC campuses
  • Administrative meetings with other CSU campuses, Chancellors office, and state agencies
  • Video Over IP (H.323) capability (connect with other parties around the world using H.323 technology)
  • We have 2 studios equipped with video conference technology
  • For distance learning videoconferencing, fill out a General Production Request

Students: Please do not use this form. Instead, request assistance by emailing or by calling 909 979 6324

Conferencing Information


(state in terms of effect on student learning)

Contact Info of other sites (if other site is a CSU, contact info may not be required)

If this is for a course, please supply the following:

Comments/ Additional Info
Please type in any additional comments and information below

NOTE: You will receive an email within five working days informing you of the status of your request.