Accessibility, Copyright, and Fees


The California State University (CSU) has set forth requirements stated by the Accessible Technology Intiative (E.O. 926) for all instructional and web material hosted by Cal Poly Pomona or any other CSU entity. Please note that all video materials must contain time synchronized closed-captions and all audio materials must be accompanied by a verbatim transcript or captions and all instructional materials must be accessible. It is highly recommended that you provide a script or transcript to us to ensure your audio or video recording meets these requirements.

NOTE: For projects where the primary purpose is NOT FOR INSTRUCTIONAL USE, we can assist with transcription or captions for a transcript fee depending on whether or not a transcript is provided.


Copyright clearance is required for projects or courses containing copyrighted material and will be requested by Mediavision when necessary.


Transcripts for videos

  • If a transcript is provided, we can provide captions free of charge.

If a transcript is not provided.

  • We can provide a rough, uncorrected transcript of your audio or video recording free of charge
  • We can provide a fully corrected transcript of your audio recording for a fee
  • We can provide captions of your video recording for a fee