Request Service Overview

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Audio Recording

Procedures to request Audio Recording service

» Request Audio Recording Service

  1. Schedule an appointment to record audio files in our professional recording booth

Digital Coversion / Streaming Media Request

» Request Digital Conversion / Streaming Media Service

  • Putting Videos Online (Streaming Video)
  • Converting materials into DVDs
  • Can work with VHS, SVHS, DVD, MiniDV, DVCam, Film, Etc.
  • Materials can be made available online (copyright permission must be granted)
  • Slide conversion and digitization

Request for Video Conferencing Service

» Request Video Conferencing Service

  • Two-way video with other CSU/UC campuses
  • Administrative meetings with other CSU campuses, Chancellors office, and state agencies
  • Video Over IP (H.323) capability (connect with other parties around the world using H.323 technology)
  • We have 2 studios equipped with video conference technology

General Production Requests

» Request General Production Service

  • Video production (location and in-studio)
  • Instructional design services (provided by the eLearning Department)
  • Classroom studio tapings
  • Multimedia production (provided by the eLearning Department)