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Campus Cable Content Guidelines

The content of MediaVision TV is geared toward college students, faculty, administration and staff. We understand that the exchange of ideas and concepts is essential for both technical and creative works and thus do not expect every video to be suitable for small children; however, we do expect all submissions to be respectful, responsible, and thoughtful. Please use the following guidelines to assist you in better understanding what type of content is acceptable for broadcast.


You must own the copyright for all material submitted or have permissions to use all copyrighted material contained in your videos. This includes, but is not limited to, videos, images, and music.

Student Made

All videos submitted must be primarily created by, star, and/or feature currently enrolled Cal Poly Pomona students. You may receive assistance from non-Cal Poly Pomona individuals, but the majority of talent, work, and effort should be completed by current Cal Poly Pomona students.


Please avoid any unnecessary use of profanity. Hate Speech will not be accepted in any form. Additionally, any form of bullying, slander, or denigration of any non-fictional private individuals will not be tolerated. Any commentary about non-fictional groups or public individuals, if critical, should be delivered in a respectful manner.

Sex and Nudity

Most nudity and elicit sexual content will not be allowed. Content should not be made for the purpose of being sexually provocative. Content that is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic may receive exceptions at the discretion of Mediavision.

Shocking and Disgusting

Content should not be violent, gory, or shocking for the purpose of being sensational or disrespectful. Content that is for educational, documentary, or scientific may receive exceptions at the discretion of Mediavision.

Dangerous or Illegal Acts

Video submissions should not contain content perceived as dangerous or illegal. Content that demonstrates how to do something dangerous or illegal is not allowed. Content that may be a call to or otherwise incite violence or other illegal acts will not be allowed.


Videos involving anyone under the age of 18 are particularly sensitive. Videos containing children should not be violent or sexually suggestive.


Submissions are obviously from a variety of students with varying levels of experience and access to equipment. However all material must adhere to quality standards to be accepted. This is a very subjective metric; simply try to produce something you would want to watch.