Digital Conversion

digital conversion in session

What is it?

Digital conversion is the process of converting analog and outdated digital media materials into a digital format you can utilize in the classroom or online.

How can it help?

Having your materials available in a format that is readily accessible to you and your students can reduce frustration and expedite the teaching process.  If you have precious materials that should be preserved, conversion to a digital format can not only extend the life of the materials but also make them available to a wider audience.  

Main Points to Consider

  1. Request the service 2 weeks in advance.
  2. When requesting the conversion of copyrighted materials, a release form signed by the copyright holder must be provided to MediaVision staff (see Resources section for example release form).
  3. Digital materials made available online must adhere to accessibility standards.  Please see Accessibility Requirements for details.
  4. MediaVision staff can work with the following formats: VHS, SVHS, DVD, MiniDV, DVCam Film as well as a variety of other media materials.