Cal Poly Pomona is known for its hands on aspect with regards to student education. The College educates engineers and technologists to meet increasingly complex technical challenges critical in assuring the future prosperity of California through technological advancement. We are very proud of our 40 years of providing a quality education. We are the largest engineering college in Southern California and the principal producer of engineers (600+ annually) in nine disciplines. We supply one in every 14 engineers in California, and all eligible programs are nationally accredited.

The College of Engineering prides itself in offering its students the unique opportunity to engineer, design, build and test various projects. Senior/Special projects range from designing and building new experiments for one of our many required laboratories, to personal projects conceived and designed by the individual student. Some of the more challenging design projects include the Human Powered Submarine, as well as the SAE Formula car, SAE Baja, and Supermileage vehicle. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Projects are unique with international competitions held yearly where up to 100 universities from around the world compete. Competitions are between three and five days and go through a rigorous array of static and dynamic events. Cal Poly Pomona has always performed extremely well in all entered events.

The projects mentioned are possible due to the College of Engineering's devotion to providing and maintaining a lab for student use. This lab provides students a facility in which to actively develop, design, fabricate, and test these projects. The facility consists of basic machine shop equipment including CNC mills, vertical and horizontal milling machines, engine lathes, grinders, tooling, as well as welding equipment and hand tools.


Student activities in the Project area encompass a large cross-section of the College population. There are regularly team members from all Engineering disciplines on campus, which include Mechanical, Manufacturing, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Industrial, Aerospace, and Engineering Technology. Our teams have always incorporated students from other Colleges on campus including Business, Communications, Art, and others. The obvious advantage of the Projects lab operations is the incorporation of different fields of study in an integrated project, which has proven instrumental in getting students prepared for industry by having them deal with one another on a professional level.

As Engineering Facilities Director and College Faculty, I invite you to contact me at any time for more information regarding our facility.

Professor Clifford M. Stover
College of Engineering
3801 W. Temple Ave
Pomona, CA 91768


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