Frequently Asked Questions: ALEKS

Q: Will my CHM 121 instructor be notified of the investment I made in preparing for chemistry in completing the Readiness Assignment during the break?

A: Yes, your instructor will receive a report of student progress in ALEKS once the quarter begins from the General Chemistry Committee.

Q: Is the assignment mandatory?

A: All students entering all sections of CHM 121 are being recommended to complete this assignment.

Q: What textbook is used in CHM 121?

A: The chemistry department currently uses the text book "Chemistry" by McMurry and Faye 6th edition

  • ISBN-10 1-256-36355-3

Q: I was doing one of the problems and clicked next, and the site suddenly brought me back to the self assessment questions. I wasn't done working on the Readiness Assignment. Where did all my work go?

A: The most recent 'assessment' you were asked to take was a 'Progress Assessment.' ALEKS is an adaptive learning system. When you first made an account, it gathered a realistic view of your prior knowledge in the "Initial Assessment." Now that you have been working, something in your answers triggered that you may know a lot more now. So the system gave you a 'Progress Assessment.' This is a good thing because the system is adapting to you and anything you get right in the assessment is marked as completed topics in your Pie. Your work is paying off! You can also check in the grade book tab and you will see your percent completion is growing as you complete more topics in the pie. You are getting credit and your efforts have not been lost.