About Me

Download the most current version of my CV as of 06/01/2016

As a tenure track faculty at Cal Poly Pomona, since January 2008, Dr. Michael Page has focused on STEM education, the professional development of secondary educators, and the science motivation of students choosing to pursue a career in the STEM disciplines. The current lab interest of the Page group at Cal Poly Pomona includes alternative fuels and the synthesis of Green Materials from seed oils and renewable starting materials.

The start of it all

Dr. Page is a native of Columbus, Ohio. After completing his undergraduate studies at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, Dr. Page headed west and spent the next 5 years at UCLA. His graduate work was completed in the research lab of Dr. Frederick Hawthorne. During this time he synthesized hydrophobic carboranes as bioinorganic materials in the development of a new class of blood coagulation inhibitors. While at UCLA Dr. Page was a NSF GK-12 Fellow and developed lively hands-on lab activities for middle school and high school science classes.

Dr. Page then spent 18 months in a NIH funded postdoctoral position in the research lab of Dr. Robert H. Grubbs at Caltech. In his postdoc Dr. Page synthesized norbornene copolymers containing PEG chains and RGD peptides. This work was part of a larger project to image cancerous cells using targeted nanoparticles.

Cool Fact

I am trying to challenge myself in 2016 to continue playing golf and regularly hitting the road cycling for at least 50 miles a week!