Letters of Recommendation

  • I cannot accept request for letters on short notice. I put a considerable amount of thought into my recommendations.
  • I must have at least one course grade on record. (The lowest grade earned must be higher than a B-).
  • I reserve the right to decline request from students I do not feel I can support with a meaningful letter.
  • Requests for letters must be submitted 3 weeks before your program deadline.

Some Tips

From a strategic view you might get a more flexible response from instructors that teach relatively small classes, or who teach courses where there is better opportunity for personalized interactions. Consider signing up for research, honors, thesis writing, and other special courses where one-on-one interactions are important. This is an excellent way to boost your resume and develop a network of professional contacts.

Developing a professional network while in college is as important as obtaining good grades. Both become crucial when the time comes to take the next step, whether it is to seek gainful employment, or admission into other schools. Don't wait until you need a letter to do this. It sends the wrong signals and creates unfavorable impressions.

I hope the above will help you better plan your strategy for furthering your professional goals while in college.


Requests need to be submitted 3 weeks before your program deadline!