Page Group Research Projects

The Page Group research projects focus on two main areas including Green Materials and Chemical Education. So we have a little bit for everyone! If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss a project in more detail please contact me!

Green Materials

Research dealing with Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) [Biodiesel] has a special niche at a polytechnic university. Alternative fuel research blends hands-on education with emerging technologies. Seed oils from plants consist of triglycerides that have demonstrated utility in the synthesis of Biodiesel. Value can be added to this budding industry by using organic chemistry to repurpose FAMEs as a feedstock in the synthesis of polymeric "Green" plastics and urethanes. It is our goal to provide addition avenues for the use of Biodiesel in consumer products in place of petroleum-based compounds.

Chemical Education

We have several projects that are analyzing the most effect teaching method for solving stoichiometry and mass-relationship problems. Currently Ratio and Proportions (RAP) is proving to lead to deeper student comprehension! This teaching method, based on proportional reasoning, is similar to the more highly used method of Dimensional Analysis (DA). We have found RAP emphasizes the relationships respresented in the balanced molecular equation and leads to the development of better-prepared students in general chemistry. If you have an interest in teaching, than consider completing your undergraduate Senior Research project in Chemical Education!

Recent Publications

  • "Design and Synthesis of a Thromnin Inhibitor Containing a Hydrophobic Carborane Pharmacophore" Synthesis, 2008, 555-563. Download pdf
  • "Concept Based Instriction for Stoichiometry: The Balanced Molecular Equation and Proportional Reasoning" National Study of Education in Undergraduate Science, 2012. Download pdf
  • "A Caffeinated Boost on UV Spectrophotometry: A Lab for High School Chemistry or an Introductory University Course" J. Chem. Educ., 2013, 90,(7) 914-197. Download pdf
  • "Soybean Oil Powering a High School Investigation of Biodiesel." J. Chem. Educ., Articles ASAP. DOI: 10.1021/ed400436z Download pdf

New Members

As this time we are only accepting members who will graduate in 2017... Keep in mind undergraduate "Senior Project" usually takes at least 4 quarters to complete!