Morocco '07: Overlooking the hilltop town of Moulay Idriss, on the way to Volubilis.

Welcome to my Home Page. This site has useful information about the courses I teach at Cal Poly Pomona, The Morocco Study Abroad program offered through the Cal Poly Pomona Internation Center, and a bit about myself. Please be sure to visit the image gallery where you can enjoy pictures from past Morocco study trips.

- Mahmood Ibrahim

Study Abroad in Morocco!

You could spend your summer taking classes here at CPP, the parking will be better and the campus much quieter than usual. Four days per week you'll spend hours in stuffy classrooms while the inside of you car slowly approaches 130o, waiting to cook you upon your return. Or you could spend your summer overseas on the northern cape of Africa in beautiful Morocco. Enjoy the renowned Mediterranean climate, wonderful food and unique scenery of this one-of-a-kind country. Every summer the International Center hosts a study abroad program together with Al Akhawayn University, in which students from Cal Poly Pomona spend a month traveling and studying Morocco. You will walk through historic Medinas preserved as they were hundreds of years ago, ride camels on the edge of the Sahara desert to watch the sunrise on the dunes, eat world class cuisine that you will dream of having again once you return home, and study the fascinating and little-studied history of North Africa, the Maghrib. Information on the trip including a tentative itinerary, costs, credit offered, and more can be found here.