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Emotion Research Lab

Retired in September, 2015  
I am no longer conducting research. Following is a link to a description of my previous research and contributions in my fields of study.  
My Research Interests  

Research Activities  

Student Research Assistants (2009-2010)

Student Research Assistants (2010-2011)

Student Research Assistants (2014-2015)

Draft Cold Pressor Manuscript

WPA Poster 2008 -- Cultural Differences in Pain Expression
APA Poster 2010 -- Pain Focus Groups

APS Poster 2010 -- Pain Underestimation Bias

WPA Poster 2010 -- Swearing Study

WPA Poster 2012 -- Nonverbal Behavior in a Cold Pressor Task


Lab 2015

Luis Porra, Josselyn Fuentes, Milio Medina, Dacey Bashaw, Chihiro Honda,
Cassandra Garcia, Hannah Perez at 6th Lowell Overton Undergraduate Research Symposium (Spring, 2015)

Our lab presents at the 4rd Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (Spring 2013)


Here we are at the 3rd Annual Psychology & Sociology Undergraduate Research Symposium (Spring 2012)