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Viggo Butler
United Airports Ltd., Chairman

Viggo ButlerViggo Butler is an international expert in the privatization of airport operations and is chairman of the privately held United Airports Ltd., which specializes in aviation technology, airports and security, a hot topic in the post - Sept. 11 world today. He started his business after retiring from Lockheed Corporation, where he worked for 23 years. While serving as corporate vice president for the main entity, Butler also was president of Lockheed Air Terminal and Airport Group International and the youngest Lockheed company president ever.

Due to his expertise, Butler is often a featured speaker at international gatherings such as the World Economic Forum and has worked with the highest-level government officials in the United States and Europe including seven U.S. presidents and nine foreign prime ministers and presidents. His advice on airport security remains valuable as the world deals with terrorist threats, and his knowledge of airport management is critical as airports grapple with issues of air traffic congestion and air traffic control modernization.

Butler served in the U.S. Air Force following his graduation from Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelor’s in business administration and completed his education with a master’s from Pepperdine University. No stranger to community service, Butler serves on boards as commissioner or member throughout Southern California and also has served Cal Poly Pomona as a member of the President’s Council and the College of Business Administration Advisory Board. The university’s “learn by doing” philosophy is a vital educational tool, he believes, and it has served him well, not only when he was a student but also as a businessman and in his active involvement in community and education service projects.