Cal Poly Pomona Catholic Newman Club

Mission 2008

For the 2008 Holy Week Missions, several Newman Club men and women drove up to Sacramento. They worked with different parishes and went door to door on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, inviting people to come to Mass. It was a great opportunity to live their faith and to walk with Christ during his Passion.

I think the greatest part of doing the Mission Trip was that we were able to help and see a brand new parish community grow. My parish at St. Paul the Apostle in Chino Hills started out the same way. I loved meeting the families there because they really cared about building their Church for the future and their kids. They showed me that even though they were a small Parish, they are very close-knit community. It made going to all those homes that much more rewarding and meaningful. I think that I wish we had more time to go to even more houses and I would let them know how much this Parish needs their support and prayers. - Bojie de Dios

A highlight of the mission was a talk that Fr. Robert Presuitti, LC, President of the University of Sacramento, gave on Christ's Good Friday. One of the striking points was that not only did Christ choose to die for us, but He selected the most sophisticated people of the times, the Romans, to provide this execution. The Romans were master engineers (some of their bridges outlasted more modern ones & are in use today). They also perfected means of punishment, namely the crucifixion. It touched me to think how Christ chose this means - giving Himself to the greatest degree, to show us His love for us. That is the extent of His love for us. The Holy Week mission made that light more clear to me. - Katie Hancock