Cal Poly Pomona

Who should attend?

The conference is targeted to health professionals, educators and researchers interested in Nutritional Genomics as part of their areas of specialization and the future application of these materials in health care. The groups who will benefit most from the information presented include

  • Researchers: academic and corporate scientists in nutritional science, biological science, genomics, and nutritional genomics, which includes graduate students, post-doctoral trainees, academic and corporate research professionals
  • Food Manufacturers: industry production of natural foods, product development, processing, packaging, labeling and delivery of personalized products for individual selection
  • Healthcare Professionals: dietitians, nutritionist, nurses, public health specialists, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, who are engaged in health care and interact directly with concerned consumers.
  • Educators: faculty teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in biological and health sciences nutrition, food science and laboratory techniques. The area of nutritional genomics enables integration of a variety of specialty areas, including genetics, molecular biology, nutrition, biochemistry and physiology as the basics to future careers, and the new use of mathematics for development of the bioinfomatics field.
  • Policy makers and regulators: state and federal agencies would benefit from a clear understanding of the existing knowledge, and discussions involving creation of needed policy development for nutritional genomic products.


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