Cal Poly Pomona

Intermediate Word

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location: Building 98, (CLA) C5-15


Pre-requisite: Completion of beginning MS Word course or equivalent/knowledge and experience.

Instructor: California Computer Schools, Inc.

Course Description/Curriculum:

  • Inserting automatic date and time
  • Viewing updating fields in a document
  • Selecting/changing paper size and orientation
  • Setting/changing default document formatting
  • Understanding section breaks
  • Creating and editing headers and footers
  • Creating and changing a document password
  • Inserting screen comments in a document
  • Using Mail Merge
  • Getting started with a form Letter
  • Creating a data file
  • Adding records to the data file
  • Creating the main document
  • Merging the main document and data file
  • Using Mail Merge to generate envelopes
  • Creating an envelope from a letter
  • Switching between multiple open documents
  • Copying text between open documents
  • How to perform multiple copy and paste
  • Viewing multiple documents on the screen
  • Using and changing columns in a document
  • Understanding widows and orphan control
  • Keeping lines or multiple paragraphs together
  • How to change case without retyping text
  • Creating folders to save/organize documents
  • Move/copy files from one folder to another
  • Methods to select multiple documents
  • Deleting and restoring documents
  • How to record and run a macro
  • Creating a macro button or hotkey
  • Using the Drop-Cap feature

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