Cal Poly Pomona

Strength Deployment Inventory

Workshop Facilitator: Andre Lawton

Communication & Teambuilding Using the Strength Deployment Inventory
(aka, The Synergy of Mental Diversity)

Are you red, blue, or green?
What does it mean?
And what difference does it make?!

The SDI is an assessment tool that identifies your motivation and behavior in interacting with others on a routine basis AND during conflict.  Emphasis is on each individual’s strengths in relating to others and how those strengths may be used to improve relationships.  The consequences of overdone or misunderstood strengths are also examined.  You’ll learn how to more effectively interact with people with different styles than yours -- especially valuable when communication is needed to persuade or motivate, problem-solve, or build consensus.

Note: This workshop is most effective for intact workgroups (departments/teams).  However, if you joined your department in the past year and they had already taken this workshop and now you’d like to get up to speed, you’re the perfect participant.  It’s also great for those who wish to attend as a “scout”, to see if this workshop might be good for your next departmental retreat.

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