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The Importance of Weight Training for Weight Loss

How would you like to burn more calories while doing nothing?  Weight training increases the body's metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories throughout the day, even while doing absolutely nothing. This aids significantly in long term weight loss.  In this workshop we will provide you with the information to get started immediately by:

    • Discussing the importance of strength training to losing weight
    • Debunking the weight training myths (no ladies, you will not look like bodybuilders)
    • Building your weight training confidence by demystify the jargon (sets, reps, barbells, dumbbells, machines, free weights)
    • Discussing weight training programs and regimens
    • Providing a live demonstration for each of the major muscle groups


CLA (98), B1-31


12:05 to 12:55 p.m.

Note: If you have a disability and need an accommodation, please inform us by email at or by calling the O D T office at x3726 one week prior to the date of the workshop.