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Defensive Driver Training Program (DDTP)

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Cal Poly Pomona employees (faculty, staff, managers, student assistants, and volunteers) who drive on University/State business, both on and off campus, at a frequency of at least once per month are required to complete a Defensive Driver Training Program (DDTP). The DDTP includes all motorized vehicles, such as personal vehicles, state vehicles, rental cars, golf-style carts, farm equipment, trucks, carts, and so on.

Training is required every four (4) years and is one of the components to be an authorized driver, when you drive on University business at a frequency of at least once per month.

Following is a link to the complete list of employees, past and present, who have completed Defensive Driver training at Cal Poly Pomona and the date certification was last completed: Master.pdf.

Please review and abide by the following guidelines:

California State University's Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines